Saturday, January 13, 2007

You forgot to get dressed

You’re wearing a sheet
You didn't get dressed
Before leaving your house
Was your suit not pressed

Could it be a mistake
And not your intention
To wear your bedclothes
Should I not mention

A red and white cloth
Placed on your head
Replaces a hat
You wear this instead

This fashion statement
You are trying to make
What you wear on your head
To a picnic I’d take

Your clothing is different
And quite unique
Under your sheets
Do we dare to peak

You probably think
The clothes we wear
Are very distasteful
At us you’ll stare

Blue jean are faded
They have to be torn
They won’t look good
If they’re not worn

They'll pay more money
For faded torn jeans
They’re actually new
And also clean

Pulling them down
They'll wear their pants
The pants might fall down
They'll take that chance

That's what they like
They think it's cool
In my opinion
They look like a fool

Wear what you want
Choose your own clothes
It's your decision
Anything goes

By, Randee Saber 7/7/06