Monday, January 15, 2007

You built this for me

I’m standing on this stage
This place is big and new
The grandest concert hall
A lobby they'll go through

I’m here to entertain them
Perhaps I’ll sing and dance
Or tell some dirty jokes
I might just take that chance

Thousands want to visit
They come here every night
And when it’s curtain call
They’ll clap with much delight

They can’t just stay at home
With closet’s full of clothes
They want to spend their time
Enjoying all our shows

These people like to come
To see us dance and sing
Or tell some dirty jokes
Much laughter we will bring

The tickets aren’t cheap
The opera or ballet
Tenors come to sing
Pianists’ come to play

I’m standing on this stage
The curtain soon will rise
We’ll all look very different
We’ll all be in disguise

By, Randee Saber 2006