Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anton, Dining Room Assistant Manager

Holland American (Eurodam) Cruise July 2012

Surrounded by thousands
Co-workers and guests
The job you’re assigned
You don’t get much rest

These may not be
The best years of your life
Away from your children
Away from your wife

I’m so glad I met you
You brightened each day
But the cruise has ended
And I cannot stay

By, Randee Saber 7/18/2012

Piano Lady

Piano Lady – Diane Fast
Holland American (Eurodam) Cruise July, 2012

You’ve met a lot of passengers
From your piano seat
While we were on our cruise
Each evening we would meet

You sang and played the night away
And never took a break                                                                             
A repertoire of songs you know
Requests the guests would make

Thanks for entertaining me
You sing and play so well
I really liked your lounge act best
When you sang that song by Adele

By, Randee Saber  7/18/2012