Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Center Lovell Inn Contest

In a small town in Maine
Is the Center Lovell Inn
With an essay and money
You’ll have a chance to win

A beautiful place
In the winter with snow
But in the spring
The daffodils grow

On summer nights
A bon-fire is lit
Swapping stories
While around it they sit

Each room's decor
Is very unique
And all are furnished
In lovely antiques

Four poster beds
High off the ground
And a step stool
That's easily found

The old claw foot tubs
Are nice and deep
A relaxing bath
Can cause you to sleep

When it's wintertime
There are many repairs
The Inn will be closed
Both up and downstairs

But the other months
Buy wine and cheese
To eat out on the porch
Enjoying the breeze

The same people come
Almost year after year
Though they've gotten old
They'll still reappear

A restaurant on site
Serves three meals a day
The guests will order
But they’ll have to pay

With an Inn to run
And a restaurant too
Plus not knowing how
Would be real hard to do

The Inn does look nice
But what will I earn
I won't enter this contest
I'm too old to learn

By, Randee Saber 3/17/2015

 All you need is $125 and a dream. Oh, and a penchant for the written word.
Running a quaint New England Inn is the dream of many. But often, quaint comes with a steep price. Here's a chance to win an inn -- the Center Lovell Inn in Maine, about three hours north of Boston -- estimated to be worth 900k.
And all you have to do is write a short essay and with your submission, a $125 check.
The current innkeeper, Janice Sage, herself won the inn in an essay contest 22 years ago, according to The Boston Globe. But after 17-hour days, $500,000 in renovations and serving up to 120 dinners a night in the inn's restaurant, Sage is ready to move on.
The inn reportedly comes with all the furnishings, but no food or alcohol. And the person who wins the contest must agree to "maintain the property as a country inn and restaurant for at least one year after the hand-over, keep the building painted white, and maintain the roofing and shutters in forest green, hunter green, or black."
Sage expects about 7,500 entries. That would come to almost $940,000 for Sage to enjoy her retirement.

The Blue Dog Room

The blue dog room
Has so much to see
In room 208
At the Crescent B & B

Every room here
Has a different d├ęcor
Ours was unique
From the ceiling to the floor

The guests were friendly
On the balcony we’d share
They petted our dog Rusty
And she didn’t care

Good by city life
For just a short while
In this slow paced town
Where most people smile

By, Randee Saber  11/25/2015

Rusty, my lovable dog

I miss you waiting at the door
I miss you lying on the floor

I miss you bringing me your toys
I even miss your barking noise

A sudden illness not expected
A lovable dog not neglected

No more walking with your dad
Now he’s gotten very sad

No more dog park where you played
Fond memories will never fade

By, Randee Saber  3/1/54


Invading our bodies
And we’re unaware
This silent killer
Does not even care

Why does this happen
Especially to the young
Invading our blood
Our breasts or lungs

With newer drugs
Many now will survive
But then there are those
Who soon won’t be alive

By, Randee Saber 2/2/2014

Howdy Doodle

Do you doodle at work
When the meeting is boring
To keep you awake
So you won’t start snoring

Do you doodle while waiting
For your dinner to appear
On a table with white paper
While drinking your beer

When I have the urge to doodle
Flowers will be drawn
They do look more like weeds
Growing on my lawn

My doodles aren’t good
An artist I am not
Doodles help me to relax
They’re not meant to be bought

So if you’re placed on hold
On anything you choose
Just doodle what you want
It will keep you amused

By, Randee Saber 4/1/13

Randee with 2 e's

My given name is Randee
It's Randee with 2 e's
Not I, or Y, or just one E
This name does not suit me

Randee's not a nickname
Most people often ask
I cannot change my name
It would be a tedious task

My parents weren't thinking
This name is for a boy
In England it means horny
Feeling Randy, oh what joy

My name that has 2 e's
Not I, or Y, or just one E
It's the feminine spelling
A name that was given to me

By, Randee Saber  8/12/2014

All Sexed Up

Sexting is now
A new obsession
And those who partake
Will make this confession

Junior high students
Think it’s cool
To sex their friends
While sitting in school

Using a smart phone
Lewd pics they’ll share
With a secret code
Will anyone care

And let’s not forget
Former Congressman Weiner
With his obsession
Oh, what a schemer

He risked his career
And that of his wife
Sharing his body
Was his Internet life

Playboy Magazine
And so many others
Adored by many
Husbands, and brothers

No longer will they
Sneak a peek in a store
With Internet porn
They can see much more

By, Randee Saber  11/19/2015