Sunday, May 16, 2010

Your loss, my gain

You left me behind
I had no worth
The little boy
You’d given birth

Your mother raised me
All on her own
From when I was small
Until I was grown

Grandma was strict
And tanned my hide
If I misbehaved
And when I lied

No visits from Mom
Or birthday cards
No letters sent
With best regards

I was an athlete
And I did excel
In every sport
I played very well

Talent scouts came
From many schools
Seeing me play
And breaking the rules

Enticed with money
Along with a car
They made me feel
Like a superstar

I went to college
Played on their team
Was more than a dream

I bought her a home
And grandma cried
Asking for nothing
She had her pride

My mom came back
To make amends
I have my own family
And lots of friends

It’s too late now
Mom has returned
I’ll give her nothing
From what I’ve earned

By, Randee Saber 5/16/10

In the name of religion

They said in the name of religion
Could allow them to do bad deeds
Chopping off someone’s head
In spite of many pleas

Back in ancient biblical times
As a new religion begins
They called the prophet Jesus
Who protects us from our sins

Muslims, Christians, Jews
Have problems to this day
Of trying to live harmoniously
And not be in anyone’s way

It doesn’t seem to matter
When keeping to themselves
They’ll round you up and kill you
No matter if anyone tells

There’s Mormons in our country
Who have a lot of wives
Men will marry teen-age girls
This practice is unwise

We can not forget 9/11
In the year 2001
Three planes flew into buildings
And no one had a gun

The act of Arab extremists
Planning this for a long time
As part of their religion
Allowing them to do this crime

And when you're just a baby
Your religion is chosen for you
If you marry outside your religion
Your family might say its taboo

When seeking a new religion
It shouldn’t be a fake
Be careful not to join a cult
It could be a big mistake

If religion preaches kindness
And love for one another
Then why is there still bloodshed
And hatred for each other

By, Randee Saber 5/10/06

A displaced Yankee

A displaced Yankee
Is what you are
You moved to the South
Years ago, by car

You haven’t adapted
To their ways
Your same attitude
With you stays

You say what you think
You are direct
It bothers people
It has an affect

You’re not a phony
You may attack
You don’t act sweet
Then stab in the back

You don’t belong here
You’re out of place
You search for friends
Who you can embrace

To where you once lived
You can never return
Not enough money
Did you ever earn

You need to keep searching
Until you find
People like you
With the same frame of mind

By, Randee Saber 7/13/06

The world is flat

The world is flat
According to me
As I stand by the shore
Looking out at the sea

Straight ahead
There’s nothing to see
Only the ocean
Stares back at me

The world is round
They told me in school
I can’t say it’s flat
Or I’d be a fool

What’s underneath
This world that is round
If I ever go there
Will I come back around

Why can’t I question
What I’ve been told
Because I am young
And you are old

I’ll buy a big boat
The ocean I’ll sail
And see for myself
If you’re telling a tale

By, Randee Saber 12/24/06

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Souvenir tee-shirts
People must buy
Many will have
A big supply

They come in all sizes
From large to small
And for the babies
Learning to crawl

Wear the tee-shirt
Of your favorite team
Tee-shirts will have
Some type of theme

A tee-shirt from
Your favorite place
A tee-shirt with
A happy face

Tee-shirts to choose
Offensive or funny
And they don’t cost
A whole lot of money

Tee-shirts are sold
At beach resorts
With an endless supply
They have all sorts

Wet tee-shirt contests
While on spring break
Fools of themselves
These girls will make

That old tee-shirt
You've desired
It’s falling apart
And should be retired

By, Randee Saber 5/15/10