Saturday, March 31, 2007

Everyone should write a poem

One day I wrote a poem
I had something to say
Then before I knew it
Ideas just came my way

I never felt important
People looked away
But now that I am writing
I’m happier each day

They say that I have talent
But I don't think it's true
I just enoy my poems
And sharing them with you

I now have my own website
So you can pick and choose
To read a funny poem
About what’s in the news

If everyone wrote poems
If they could find the time
We’d all be busy writing
Perhaps we’d have less crime

The world would be a better place
A poem takes some thought
There’s less time for being mean
When rhyming words are sought

Sit down and write a poem
Ideas aren't hard to find
And look for words that rhyme
It will improve your mind

By, Randee Saber 6/14/06

Friday, March 30, 2007

Going to the movies

We go to the movies
It’s our escape
To watch a man
Wearing a cape

We’ll get to travel
And not leave our seat
To London or Paris
It’s quite a treat

We’ll get to visit
Exotic places
Fantasy lands
And see odd faces

These places we visit
Are quite exciting
A castle, a palace
Yet people are fighting

Comedies, thrillers
Or mysteries
Quite a selection
For you to see

Racing and chasing
Special effects
Sure let’s face it
You've got to have sex

Has been around
Long before
Movies had sound

Don't forget music
For scenes with suspense
It makes you scared
And also tense

How will it end
Happy or sad
You may like the movie
Or think it was bad

y, Randee Saber 7/2/06

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I built it for you

I built your big home
More space than you need
I have a small home
With children to feed

I won’t own a home
As big as yours
With balconies
And tile floors

Only two people
Will reside here
Your home on the lake
Guests soon will appear

My home is run down
In need of repairs
While I build mansions
With winding stairs

I work in construction
And hammer the nails
Adhering to all
Your minor details

You’ll live in this home
It’s your decision
And I build homes
With great precision

It seems unfair
You get to reside
In a beautiful home
I built with pride

By, Randee Saber 7/4/06

Look the other way

Pretend I'm not here
Just look away
But you see me
On this corner each day

You think I’m lazy
I should get a job
In these dirty old clothes
I look like a slob

No one will hire
A bum off the street
I haven’t bathed
I’ve been out in the heat

The dollar you have
I really do need
Not only for me
But for others I’ll feed

Nice clothes you wear
Expensive shoes
Please spare some change
I won’t buy booze

I’m sure you’re in doubt
You think I pretend
That dollar I ask for
On drugs I’ll spend

I sleep in the park
No roof overhead
Or room in a shelter
Where I’d have a bed

You’ll see me here
On the corner each day
Begging for money
While you look away

By, Randee Saber 12/24/06

Not doing the work for you

I planned to take a trip
I made a reservation
I did it all on-line
I had no hesitation

I needed no one's help
I did it with much ease
I didn’t call the airline
I thought it was a breeze

I have a boarding pass
I looked for it on-line
I know what row I'm in
I know what seat is mine

I will not fly the plane
I can get my own drink
I might give out the food
I can do that, I think

I know I'm being silly
When all I planned to do
Was take a little trip
And not do the work for you

By, Randee Saber 6/5/06

The best things in life are not free

The best things in life
Are no longer free
My favorite beach
Now charges me

And who drinks water
From the tap
We pay for a bottle
Who wants that crap

If you’d rather be hot
Or prefer to be cold
Then you’ll pay for air
That’s how it’s sold

A road with no tolls
Appears to be free
Your taxes will pay
That’s how it will be

You’re free to love
Your decision to make
A costly divorce
If you make a mistake

By, Randee Saber 12/24/06

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'll wear your hair

You’re wearing the hair
Someone wanted to share

You’re not missing hair
Your head isn’t bare

You’re really too busy
To comb hair that’s frizzy

You’ll try a new style
To wear for a while

Perhaps they won’t guess
Unless you confess

The hair that you wear
You’ll put on a chair

And when it gets hot
It itches a lot

Or if the wind blows
Away the hair goes

But if you get sick
And lose your hair quick

The wig that you wear
Shows there's hope with prayer

By, Randee Saber 3/26/07

Monday, March 26, 2007

Similarities and differences

Birds of a feather
Together they go
Bye Bye Birdie
A famous show

Monkey see
Monkey do
Monkey in the middle
He’s on my back too

A penny for your thoughts
A penny for luck
Pennies from heaven
A hundred makes a buck

The Big Apple
An apple a day
But not in a pie
Keeps the doctor away

Get off my back
I’ll get back to you
I’ll be right back
When I am through

Mind your own business
Are you out of your mind
Mind your manners
And always be kind

I’ll kill for you
You’re dressed to kill
We’ll kill some time
While waiting for Bill

Her fairy Godmother
Cinderella’s friend
The tooth fairy
Gives us money to spend

Don’t talk to strangers
They may be bad
Don’t be a stranger
Or I will be sad

By, Randee Saber 7/30/06

Same city, different country

Paris, Texas
Paris, France
One city is hot
One’s for romance

Rome, New York
Rome, Italy
A gondola ride
A show to see

St. Petersburg, Florida
A place to retire
St. Petersburg, Russia
Statues admired

Bethlehem, Israel
Bethlehem, PA
The Holy Land
We'll visit one day

By, Randee Saber 7/30/06

Let sleeping dogs lie

Let sleeping dogs lie
Just let it go
You’re angry now
Don’t let it show

Pretend it’s alright
You don’t even care
What that person did
You know wasn’t fair

Let sleeping dogs lie
Don’t cause them to stir
Someone was rude
That will occur

Pretend it’s alright
It’s out of your mind
A much better friend
You’ll certainly find

By, Randee Saber 7/12/06

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Annie and me

It's now just Annie and me
And so we must adjust
Ralph’s no longer here
And life goes on, it must

It's hardly been a year
Since Ralph has gone away
To a better place I hope
To a place he’ll always stay

Those many years we shared
Of happiness and fun
That time went by too quickly
It seems like it did run

And Annie doesn’t understand
Why Ralph’s no longer here
A little dog that he bought me
To make my life more dear

So maybe Annie’s lucky
She cannot understand
Why people die and go away
Perhaps to another land

Although we can not see him
Good memories we've had
Whenever we do think of him
We're happy and not sad

By, Randee Saber 4/23/06

The only dog around

I’m walking on all fours
They’re walking on two feet
I see a lot of people
On this busy street

There’s a fire hydrant
You'll let me lift my leg
Waiting patiently
I never have to beg

I don’t see any dogs
It’s quite a mystery
That none are on this street
No other dog than me

I have a lot of fur
And now I’m getting hot
I hope I find a puddle
I’d run through it a lot

I'm the only dog
But I don’t even care
I only want to be with you
This pleasant day we’ll share

By, Randee Saber 7/3/06

Don't take your dog for granted

Don’t take your dog for granted
He will not live that long
When you go for a walk
Please take your dog along

He really wants to be with you
Because you’re his best friend
So don’t take him for granted
Much time with him do spend

You need to have your own friends
But don’t get too upset
If they don’t want to be with you
At least you have your pet

He might wait by the window
Then greet you at the door
But when he gets much older
He won’t greet you anymore

Don’t take your dog for granted
One day he won’t be there
And then you’ll be real sorry
More time you could have shared

By, Randee Saber 3/4/07

Stop chasing me

I’m being chased
I’ll win the race
They can't catch me
At their slow pace

I’ll climb a tree
Because I’m quick
They won’t catch me
Their butt I’ll kick

Just leave me alone
I’m gathering nuts
And go chase a cat
I hate your guts

I’m a squirrel
Haven’t you guessed
And one thing’s for sure
Your dog’s a pest

By, Randee Saber 3/9/07

My watchdog

You’re my watch dog
The great protector
Always with me
And not a defector

A big strong dog
Of a mixed breed
When we’re walking
You take the lead

A stranger calling
Ringing the bell
Once they see you
They’ll say farewell

You’ve been with me
For many years
Protecting my home
Without any fears

I’m safe and secure
When you are near
And lucky that
You're living here

By, Randee Saber 7/11/06

Come and visit little pigeon

Little pigeon
Living in the city
Come to the suburbs
Where it’s pretty

You’d rather walk
You hardly fly
You’re overweight
Perhaps that’s why

You’re in the park
And on the street
Walking around
On little feet

You'll find some food
Where people go
You'll walk so much
You’re pigeon toed

On the boardwalk
You used to walk
Planter's Peanuts
You used to stalk

Come to the suburbs
And visit me
When you get tired
You can sleep in my tree

By, Randee Saber 3/7/07

I'm one of a kind

I'm a pretty dog
That's one of a kind
Although I'm a mutt
My owners don't mind

My mom was a lab
My dad was mixed
And I was born
Before she got fixed

A poodle, a shepherd
They’re pedigrees
But one thing’s for sure
We all mark the trees

Those of one breed
All look the same
To tell them apart
Call out their name

We’re never invited
To any dog show
Or asked to be fostered
Where pedigrees go

Mongrels are smart
It's often been said
Forget the Dalmatian
Choose us instead

By, Randee Saber 3/7/07

The modern dog

We brush our teeth
And go to school
Even though
We pant and drool

At the dog park
Is where we play
And doggie day care
When they go away

We eat Science diet
And milk bone treats
Chew rawhide bones
And never eat sweets

We go to a groomer
We have to get bathed
And if our hair’s long
We'll get it shaved

We star in movies
Perform in shows
We even wear
Our own line of clothes

We like to travel
They take us along
In hotel rooms
We now belong

Health insurance
We easily get
It comes in handy
When paying the Vet

When we're tired
They'll hear us snore
In our own little bed
On their bedroom floor

We get cremated
After we die
An urn with our ashes
They'll probably buy

By, Randee Saber 3/7/07

Dog Park

The Huntwick Subdivision Dog Park
Opened the Summer of 2007

No sliding boards
At this new park
No swings to push
Just dogs that bark

They run around
They like to play
With any dog
That comes their way

Most dogs are nice
And they won’t fight
They’re only playing
When they bite

All different breeds
Though most are mixed
And hopefully
They’ve all been fixed

Don’t watch your step
The park is clean
And where dogs run
The grass stays green

A park for dogs
Where they can play
And on a leash
They needn’t stay

By, Randee Saber 3/4/07

Puppy school

No barking allowed
In puppy school
Sit and stay
That’s the rule

No sniffing a place
That’s not on the face
Or getting loose
And playing chase

No potty breaks
During this hour
But you’ll be rewarded
With treats to devour

No homework to do
You’ll just have fun
Learning to listen
Your training’s begun

By, Randee Saber 3/7/07

All dogs go to heaven

All dogs go to heaven
I’m sure that must be true
So you must forgive them
For anything they chew

Dogs are always playful
And yes they love to eat
So when they do a trick
Make sure they get a treat

Dogs are real forgiving
They’re loyal and sincere
Plus they will protect you
Because they show no fear

Dogs will never gossip
But jealous they may get
If another dog or cat
Will be your other pet

Dogs may hide your slippers
Because they like to play
And chased around the house
Will always make their day

Dogs like what you’re eating
They’ll want to eat it too
So while you’re at the table
Your food they will pursue

You won’t be bored or lonely
Just take them for a walk
And yes they like to listen
Although they cannot talk

All dogs go to heaven
I’m sure it must be true
A best friend they will always be
They’ll do the most for you

By, Randee Saber 12/24/06

A night on the town

Eye shadow, lipstick
And rouge for the cheeks
Apply the face powder
So none of it streaks

A pretty blonde wig
Made from real hair
Now you’re in search
Of something to wear

Padding is added
Enhancing your chest
Placed in the bra
You now have breasts

Nice long nails
Polished bright red
Your new mini skirt
Is draped on the bed

Shave your legs
Then put on hose
A low cut blouse
Is what you chose

Be sure to add bling
Apply good perfume
Make your bed
Tidy your room

Dressed like a woman
No one would guess
Unless of course
You decide to undress

By, Randee Saber 3/7/07

Toss the hat

No combing over
Toss the toupee
Shave it all off
No hair will stay

A head that’s bald
Smooth and shiny
It looks just like
A baby’s hiney

But no protection
From the sun’s rays
Or any warmth
On winter days

Completely bald
Yet they don’t mind
Unlike a woman
A wig she’ll find

To keep it shaved
Preventing stubble
It has to be
A lot of trouble

They’ve tossed their hats
Into the ring
Completely bald
Is now their thing

By, Randee Saber 3/25/07

Saturday, March 24, 2007

We love our cars

We love our cars
We’ll rest our feet
We’d rather sit
In our car seat

Drive through banks
Use the machine
Get your money
The bills are clean

The pharmacy
It's no big chore
Your pills are in
Their outside drawer

A burger and fries
Including a shake
Drive right up
Step on the brake

Your car is dirty
It's easy to clean
Drive right through
A car wash machine

A wedding chapel
Drive through quick
Be sure you love
The one you pick

Drive in movies
A thing of the past
Using Netflix
Will get them fast

We'll stay in our cars
No walking required
We won't get wet
Or get perspired

By, Randee Saber 3/24/07 & rev. 10/21/2017

It was only make pretend

He really seemed to like me
He had a lot of charm
He liked to be flirtatious
He thought there’d be no harm

He reveled in his power
He knew I had to work
He took advantage of me
He was driving me berserk

He wanted me to be with him
He mentioned it a lot
He thought of just himself
He put me on the spot

He thought I was sincere
He hoped I was his friend
He made me play a game
He said my job would end

He wanted to control me
He knew I couldn’t complain
He knew he was the boss
He was driving me insane

I had to keep this job
I had to keep the pay
I didn’t know what to do
I hoped he’d stay away

I now feel like a coward
I didn’t want romance
I should have told on him
I lost my only chance

I had to move away
I knew it all would end
I thought he really liked me
I know it was make pretend

By, Randee Saber 5/2/06

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why did you get a Chihuahua

Why did you get a Chihuahua
There are dogs of many breeds
This dog can not protect you
How does it fill your needs

How far can this dog walk
I’m sure it does get tired
Refusing to continue
So carrying is required

And do you feel secure
When strangers come to call
They'll see this little dog
Who scares no one at all

Does it play fetch the ball
And does it know some tricks
I’m sure like other dogs
It's private parts it licks

This teeny, tiny dog
Be careful not to squash
And when collecting laundry
Be careful not to wash

It doesn’t eat too much
Less dog food you will buy
When sitting near the table
Your food you can't deny

And just like other dogs
It messes on the grass
But it will go unnoticed
Whenever people pass

These dog are very brave
When big dogs do come near
They will not run away
Because they have no fear

Those who like Chihuahuas
I needn't wonder why
But any pet you get
Adopt before you buy

By, Randee Saber 3/22/07

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why did it pick mine

Of all the homes around
It blew mine to the ground

I was making mashed potatoes
Then along came this tornado

It flew in one big circle
Choosing my home to encircle

No other homes were gone
My debris was on their lawn

There were other homes to choose
Was my home hard to refuse

Lightening strikes your house
The fire can't be doused

Or water from a flood
Can fill your home with mud

Rodents may infest
Or any other pest

Why was your home picked
No one could predict

It's just a part of living
And stress it keeps on giving

By, Randee Saber 3/19/07

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The ink had faded over the years (villanelle poem)

The ink had faded over the years
A telegraph written long ago
The paper was stained with her tears

The uniform had disguised his fears
Anxious yet sad, he’ll dutifully fight
The ink had faded over the years

A promise to recite his prayers
A final embrace before going away
The paper was stained with her tears

He missed the parade with all the cheers
A father, a son, a brother returned
The ink had faded over the years

No meeting friends to drink a few beers
No tender moments while being alone
The paper was stained with her tears

Without hesitation, with hidden fears
Serving his country, forsaking his life
The ink had faded over the years
The paper was stained with her tears

By, Randee Saber 3/10/07

Monday, March 5, 2007

Baby's bronze shoes

Dipped in bronze
Baby’s first shoes
Treasured memories
Not wanting to lose

Those first baby steps
To write in a book
Each difficult step
Her baby took

Those little white shoes
Worn just for a year
The polish was scuffed
But still they were dear

That first pair of shoes
She couldn’t discard
Treasured moments
Outside in the yard

Dipped in bronze
And then displayed
Remembering how
Her baby played

Those shoes disappeared
And couldn’t be found
Reminders of footsteps
So soft on the ground

Baby’s bronze shoes
Had gotten too old
And thrown away
When her house was sold

By, Randee Saber 3/5/07
Poets Northwest Contest
3rd Place Honorable Mention, 2007

Anything goes

Cole Porter’s song
Anything Goes
Was sung long ago
In a Broadway show

But who could foresee
In the olden days
Everything goes
Is now the craze

Anything goes
But it’s okay
They’re out of the closet
Those who are gay

Surrogate mothers
Are now being paid
To have a baby
By not getting laid

Fertility problems
There's donated sperm
This bank is for women
No interest they’ll earn

Here comes the baby
Then comes the bride
Her little bridesmaid
Is right by her side

He looks like a lady
She looks like a man
Changing your sex
Now everyone can

Piercing the tongue
The navel and nose
Not just the ears
Cause anything goes

Everything goes
Since no one’s about
To change their ways

By, Randee Saber 2/7/07

Pay phones still exist

Today I saw a man
Outside a local store
Talking on a pay phone
Like many years before

Pay phones you could use
While waiting for a train
And many could be found
While waiting for a plane

Inside a little booth
You had your privacy
Since it was made of glass
Inside it all could see

Some would talk awhile
It soon became their shrine
Then before you knew it
In front was one long line

Others were impatient
They had to use the phone
No one ever realized
A cell phone they would own

They’d soon have conversations
Where everyone could hear
And talk while they are driving
So they could hardly steer

I’m glad I saw that payphone
So I could reminisce
When many were around
Now very few exist

By, Randee Saber 3/3/07

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Just a name

War in Iraq
began Mar. 2003

To most of you
They’re just a name
Another statistic
They became

They weren’t seeking
Soldiers in war
For our safekeeping

They went to Iraq
A place far away
Restoring the peace
Would it come one day

How many captured
How many maimed
How many lives
Has this war claimed

To you they’re just
A name you did see
In the late afternoon
While watching TV

To their family and friends
This loss is so great
They were willing to fight
And not hesitate

To most of you
They’re just a name
I can’t help but think
George Bush feels the same

By, Randee Saber 6/27/06