Sunday, March 25, 2007

All dogs go to heaven

All dogs go to heaven
I’m sure that must be true
So you must forgive them
For anything they chew

Dogs are always playful
And yes they love to eat
So when they do a trick
Make sure they get a treat

Dogs are real forgiving
They’re loyal and sincere
Plus they will protect you
Because they show no fear

Dogs will never gossip
But jealous they may get
If another dog or cat
Will be your other pet

Dogs may hide your slippers
Because they like to play
And chased around the house
Will always make their day

Dogs like what you’re eating
They’ll want to eat it too
So while you’re at the table
Your food they will pursue

You won’t be bored or lonely
Just take them for a walk
And yes they like to listen
Although they cannot talk

All dogs go to heaven
I’m sure it must be true
A best friend they will always be
They’ll do the most for you

By, Randee Saber 12/24/06