Friday, March 30, 2007

Going to the movies

We go to the movies
It’s our escape
To watch a man
Wearing a cape

We’ll get to travel
And not leave our seat
To London or Paris
It’s quite a treat

We’ll get to visit
Exotic places
Fantasy lands
And see odd faces

These places we visit
Are quite exciting
A castle, a palace
Yet people are fighting

Comedies, thrillers
Or mysteries
Quite a selection
For you to see

Racing and chasing
Special effects
Sure let’s face it
You've got to have sex

Has been around
Long before
Movies had sound

Don't forget music
For scenes with suspense
It makes you scared
And also tense

How will it end
Happy or sad
You may like the movie
Or think it was bad

y, Randee Saber 7/2/06