Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You should have cried Jacquie O.

Don't cry too much
You must be brave
While standing beside
A loved ones grave

You must be stoic
Like Jacquie O.
That’s how she appeared
So long ago

Draped in a veil
We watched her stand
Two little children
One on each hand

Those who remember
This family of three
John John saluting
For our memory

Shall we not cry
If we remember
Few tears were shed
That day in November

Don’t cry for your child
Who died in a war
Don’t cry for a parent
Not with you anymore

Don’t cry for a spouse
Don’t cry for your pet
Should we be stoic
And not be upset

Women may cry
Men aren’t allowed
While in mourning
In front of the crowed

Let’s shed our tears
Because it’s alright
To cry for a loved one
With all our might

By, Randee Saber 2/27/07

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm craving sweets

I don’t know why I’m hungry
I haven't missed a meal
I didn’t have dessert
Ice cream would be ideal

I don’t buy many sweets
I’m trying not to snack
But when I get real hungry
My fridge, I will attack

I will not grab an apple
Or any fruit to eat
My choice is chocolate pudding
Yes, I want something sweet

My skinny days are over

My appetite’s still plenty
I wish I could ignore

I really like my ice cream
And may eat from the box
I’m careful no one sees me
I’m sneaky like a fox

I don’t buy low cal food
It isn’t very good
I’d rather have the real thing
That tastes just like it should

Just give me chocolate candy
Candy bars willl do
I really crave those sweets
They soothe me when I’m blue

By, Randee Saber 5/28/06

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th
A good or bad day
So they say

Don’t let a black cat
Cross your path
You’ll have bad luck
As an aftermath

A rabbit’s foot
You like to hold
It’s for good luck
You once were told

How about a horseshoe
Not on the horse
Will you be lucky
You hope, of course

There are many
Help me out
Can you think of any

By, Randee Saber 10/13/06

Ice Cream

It’s eaten in a dish
It’s eaten on a stick
It’s eaten in a cone
When it's melting, eat it quick

It’s eaten with a cherry
It’s eaten with hot fudge
It’s eaten with some sprinkles
You decide, you're the judge

It comes in many flavors
It comes shaped like a bar
It comes in little cups
You can get it near or far

Do you know what this is now
Do you think I need to scream
Cause you'll only get one guess
So you better say, "ice cream"

By, Randee Saber 2/25/07

I outlived their marriage

My dog and I
Are still together
But my marriage
Didn’t last forever

The seven year itch
Came along
Then my wife
Said so long

My cat is old
But still alive
Yet my marriage
Did not survive

Another woman
A love affair
I had his children
It isn’t fair

I’m the parrot
They once had
Living long after
Their marriage went bad

By, Randee Saber 2/25/07

Christmas 2006

Santa Claus
Chris Kringle
Christmas is coming
Sleigh bells jingle

A Christmas tree
Bought from a store
Not many people
Cut theirs anymore

Christmas cards
And a letter
Hoping the future
Will be much better

Presents to buy
We’ve now begun
After Thanksgiving
It’s always fun

Christmas cookies
What should we bake
A turkey and ham
We need to make

Christmas carols
Sung door to door
Food and toys
Give to the poor

Under the tree
Presents to wrap
We'll go the church
After we nap

A holy night
Hear us pray
Peace on earth
May exist one day

By, Randee Saber 10/7/06

Chanukah candles

Chanukah candles
The festival of lights
We celebrate
For only eight nights

One by one
Each candle you light
No blowing them out
On any night

Reciting a prayer
To commemorate
A miracle
On a certain date

The temple reclaimed
The oil did burn
For eight full days
It caused concern

Chanukah candles
Do represent
Religious freedom
And a great event

By, Randee Saber 10/7/06

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I should have been with you

I should have been with you
You’ve been a loyal friend
I thought I needed them
So time with them I’d spend

One friend would criticize
And make me feel so bad
I said that I was lonely
And I was very sad

We often went to movies
But then she stayed away
She said I was with God
And told me I should pray

One friend was very greedy
I knew she was in need
I gave her what she wanted
I did a real good deed

I drove her many places
I bought her children food
I knew she stole my money
When questioned, she was rude

I thought I needed people
To keep me company
But you were always there
Waiting patiently

You never criticized
You just accepted me
My dog, you must have thought
Her best friend I can be

By, Randee Saber 2/21/07

Our quality of life

Our quality of life
Who’s to decide
In nursing homes
Where many reside

The place is expensive
But some children pay
And many will visit
Their parents each day

Confined to a wheelchair
They broke their neck
Unable to move
From a car wreck

Although they can hear
And they can still see
A difficult life
But some won’t agree

They suffered abuse
Their lives are scarred
Some won’t give up
Though life is so hard

What about people
Who live on the street
Begging for money
For something to eat

Can they be happy
Searching through trash
Or buying liquor
With so little cash

A single mother
Making ends meet
Working two jobs
So her children can eat

With so much to do
She can’t get much rest
Her life is real hard
Yet she feels blessed

Those on death row
Year after year
Alone in their cells
Death they do fear

They don’t seem to mind
They’d still rather wait
Alone in their cells
Aware of their fate

Then there are those
So deeply depressed
Who don’t cook or clean
And often aren’t dressed

Their family’s confused
Their loved on is sad
They have a nice home
But think life is bad

An unwanted child
She made a mistake
Her life will be ruined
Its life she will take

Our quality of life
There’s no guarantee
It can start off good
Then change drastically

By, Randee Saber 2/20/06

Texas bluebonnets

Texas bluebonnets
The state’s wildflower
During the spring
The landscape they shower

They come every year
People can’t wait
Go see them appear
Before it’s too late

Out in the country
On rolling hills
A bluebonnet carpet
Gives people thrills

Other wildflowers
Can not compare
Texas bluebonnets
Have much more flare

By, Randee Saber 2/22/07

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In whose lifetime

You said there’s a lifetime guarantee
But in whose lifetime would it be

The life of a dog, or a kitty cat
A bird or a snake or a tiny gnat

If it’s during my life, this guarantee
How long do you think my life will be

A lifetime guarantee maybe
Only if it's still with me

By, Randee Saber 2/14/07

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Anna Nicole your ship came in

Anna Nicole Smith, a sex
symbol, died Feb. 2007
at age 39, of drug overdose
Known for the continuous
fight over the estate of
89 year old billionaire J.
Howard Marshall who she
married while in her mid 20's
Her 20 year old son
died 5 months prior to her
and she had recently given
birth to a baby girl;
Proof of paternity was
eventually resolved

Her ship came in
She met that man
She’d strike it rich
That was her plan

A billionaire
As old as dirt
She didn't care
She liked to flirt

She used to dance
He went to look
And on a date
This gal he took

He married her
Yes, that is true
Reciting vows
Both said I do

The following year
The billionaire died
Though not a surprise
But still she cried

A family feud
An angered son
He wanted it all
And gave her none

He wouldn’t share
He’d rather fight
There was enough
It wasn’t right

Much time was spent
On his crusade
The lawyers laughed
They still got paid

As years went by
The son had died
But peace of mind
She was denied

The birth of her child
The death of her son
Who's the daddy
The search has begun

Her ship came in
Then out to sea
She died so young
And tragically

She married money
He married a bunny
To be his playmate
It was quite funny

And the survey said...

What’s your opinion
How do you feel
Did you like the place
How about your meal

Answer the questions
We’d need to know
How were you greeted
Did they say hello

Was your hospital stay
A pleasant one
Although you were sick
Did you have any fun

How about your car
Were you treated well
Except for the bill
We want you to tell

Complete the form
No postage required
Answer the questions
Too bad if you're tired

I finished the survey
Now can you tell me
What were the answers
I'd like to see

By, Randee Saber 2/6/07

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Fall from Grace

NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak
arrested Feb. 2007 for
attempted murder
for stalking another
female astronaut Colleen
Shipman in a love triangle

She lived her life
In the public eye
But did something wrong
Now we wonder why

The rockets were launched
By shuttle she flew
Her private life
Nobody knew

She went on a mission
To outer space
Could that have been
Where love took place

A woman scorned
She was upset
The other woman
She needed to get

There goes her career
She fell from grace
Because of that woman
She wanted to chase

A marriage gone bad
The lover has fled
She’ll wait and see
What lies ahead

She made a mistake
We know she’ll regret
This astronaut
We won't forget

By, Randee Saber 2/7/07

Off the hook

Enron founder died
on July 5, 2006
at the age of 64
of a heart attack
two months after
being convicted of
conspiracy & fraud
He was awaiting

You lucked out
You’re off the hook
You won’t go to jail
Though you were a crook

Guilty as charged
The jury said
But no jail time
Because you’re dead

Is this justice
You’re no longer living
And serving time
You won’t be giving

The stressfulness
Of your situation
Caused you to have
Much aggravation

You had a long time
To contemplate
If you’d go to trial
You had a long wait

Your lawyers are sad
The money has ceased
Because you have
Become deceased

You won’t have to wait
For that sentencing date
But you already knew
Your impending fate

He’s fallen again
He’s not coming back
The tycoon has had
A heart attack

By, Randee Saber 7/5/06

The Fall of the Tycoon

Former Enron founder &
CEO Indicted and convicted
of conspiracy & fraud
On May 25, 2006 along
with Jeffrey Skilling
2 1/2 years after
bankruptcy in Dec. 2001

I saw him on the news
He thought he was immune
From ever getting caught
He was a big tycoon

He was the CEO
The leader of so many
But when it came to money
He wanted every penny

He owned a lot of homes
I’m sure he could pay cash
For everything he owned
With money he had stashed

He really didn’t care
About the little guy
He stole their pension funds
Employees wondered why

He needed so much money
More than his workers had
Not caring how he got it
He would do something bad

I’m sure he must have laughed
With many of his friends
The money they had made
They now had much to spend

But when the fun was over
He then was sent to court
The jury found him guilty
I’m happy to report

He should have given thought
Before committing crime
Was money that important
For him to risk jail time

By, Randee Saber 5/25/06

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Country Western Bar

The ladies are dancing
Together in pairs
The men sit drinking
Giving them stares

Some women dance
In skimpy clothes
Attracting attention
If too much skin shows

More ladies then men
Will come to this bar
They’ll come separately
But may leave in one car

A few more drinks
Then some men will try
To dance with the ladies
Before saying goodbye

By, Randee Saber 7/9/06

Don't sweat the small stuff

When everything goes wrong
I cannot help but think
My life has made me crazy
I'm sure I need a shrink

The baby won’t stop crying
The milk has now gone sour
We’re living in the dark
Because we have no power

I need to buy more candles
In order to have light
No more is it romantic
Even late at night

I can not start my car
A battery’s required
I shouldn’t even drive it
My license has expired

The dog messed on the floor
The cat has run away
Why should I get upset
Would it matter anyway

By, Randee Saber 7/1/06

Monday, February 5, 2007

My lipstick won't stick

My lipstick won’t stick
It just gets smeared
Above my lip
My lip looks weird

In just a few minutes
It all goes away
I’ll keep reapplying
The rest of the day

Whatever I buy
It doesn’t matter
It won’t stay on
My lips, to flatter

Perhaps it just wasn’t
Meant to be
Having rosy red lips
As part of me

By, Randee Saber 11/28/06

Paperwork, it could all disappear

Sept. 11, 2001
Fall of Twin Towers

I’m snowed under
Buried alive
Underneath paper
How will I survive

Bills and bank statements
Credit card solicitations
Brochures they send
For luxury vacations

Daily newspapers
Are piled on a table
I'd still like to read them
When I am able

There’s more paper now
Than ever before
The fax machine
Will keep sending more

There’s paper to use
In the copying machine
To make good copies
Keep the glass clean

Reams of paper
You must keep on hand
To feed to your printers
It's what they demand

The drawers are full
There's no room to file
Stack on the floor
In one big pile

When the Twin Towers
Came crashing down
No more papers
Would ever be found

My viewpoint’s changed
Regarding this paper
It could all disappear
With a falling skyscraper

By, Randee Saber 7/2/06

Sunday, February 4, 2007

We need role models

Role models are those
You choose to admire
To be like them
Is your desire

President Bush
Who we did elect
Would he be someone
You would select

Did he tell us this war
Would take many years
Thousands have died
No end it appears

President Clinton
Behaved like a fool
He lied to us all
Like a boy in school

A pretty young intern
Gave him attention
And a lot more
But I won’t mention

Prince Charles of England
Couldn’t be faithful
To Princess Diana
He was ungrateful

When Camilla became
More than a friend
Diana then said
This marriage must end

You can admire
A family member
A teacher, a friend
Who you choose to remember

By, Randee Saber 7/4/06

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Nothing ventured
Nothing gained
Life’s a gamble
Don’t restrain

Pay your money
Take your chances
In spite of any

Let the buyer beware
It’s always true
Because the seller
Won’t care about you

You snooze, you lose
If you wait too long
Because someone else
Will come along

The more you make
The more you spend
Save your money
And do not lend

Here today
Gone tomorrow
Money you had
You now have to borrow

If at first
You don’t succeed
Try again
With a lot more speed

By, Randee Saber 7/2/06

I'd like to be a Redneck

I’d like to be a Redneck
Just try it out a bit
To see if their lifestyle
For me, could really fit

A home can be real roomy
A yard can be real prety
A trailer's very small
A trailer park is gritty

My trailer would be furnished
With discards on the street
I wouldn’t have nice dishes
In cool whip bowls we'd eat

I wouldn’t own a foreign car
I’d drive a pick up truck
One that’s old and battered
If it breaks I’m out of luck

My clothes would be real tacky
I’d buy them second hand
Short skirts and low cut blouses
Attention I’d command

There are no deed restrictions
Old cars parked everywhere
If I would live with Rednecks
No one would really care

The more I think about it
No need to check it out
I will not be a Redneck
I'm certain, there's no doubt

By, Randee Saber 6/4/06

What am I doing in Texas

What am I doing in Texas
I’m not a Southern Belle
I was born in Philadelphia
A place I liked so well

What am I doing in Texas
A state that’s really hot
And no one should forget
This is where JFK was shot

What am I doing in Texas
I don’t even own a horse
Nor can I even ride one
I was taken here by force

What am I doing in Texas
One son has moved away
He lives out in San Diego
And there he plans to stay

What am I doing in Texas
We left to escape the cold
We needed a bigger home
The one up North we sold

What am I doing in Texas
A place I have made friends
I go to the beach quite often
It seems the heat never ends

What am I doing in Texas
My husband is semi-retired
He has his own little business
He’s the boss and can’t be fired

What am I doing in Texas
What am I doing here
I do enjoy the Mexican Food
Margaritas and Shiner Bock beer

What am I doing in Texas
The same as everyone
Living from day to day
Doing what needs to be done

By, Randee Saber 6/4/06

Saturday, February 3, 2007

No news is no news

No news is good news
It's an old saying
But no news is no news
You still may be praying

Praying this news
You’re waiting to hear
Will be so exciting
You’ll stand up and cheer

There’s good news and bad news
And news you’re still waiting
Here’s hoping this news
Is worth celebrating

By, Randee Saber 6/24/06


With all the people in the world
Then why am I alone
I ask myself this question
The answer is unknown

The house is big but empty
The boys have moved away
The dog is still here with me
Until he dies he’ll stay

My husband’s always working
He hasn’t much to say
His presence is unnoticed
Because he’s gone each day

I stay at home too often
Sitting on a chair
Because I can no longer work
Life seems to be unfair

This big old house is empty
A home I should enjoy
It’s not the answer to my life
A life not filled with joy

I know I’ll be less lonely
If anyone will stay
And maybe watch a movie
They won’t be in my way

So where are all the people
And can they not come here
To sit and bring me comfort
And a little bit of cheer

By, Randee Saber 4/15/06

Holiday candy - wait a day

They’re all lined up
In one long row
The Valentine hearts
Are ready to go

Those beautiful hearts
Red boxes with bows
To see what’s inside
The label shows

Propped on shevles
These hearts will wait
Until they are bought
For a Valentine date

But when I return
The following day
A few pretty hearts
Are still on display

Valentine hearts
Those still around
I'll buy one today
A bargain I found

Holiday candy
Will go on sale
The following day
And that’s without fail

By, Randee Saber 2/3/07