Thursday, February 8, 2007

Anna Nicole your ship came in

Anna Nicole Smith, a sex
symbol, died Feb. 2007
at age 39, of drug overdose
Known for the continuous
fight over the estate of
89 year old billionaire J.
Howard Marshall who she
married while in her mid 20's
Her 20 year old son
died 5 months prior to her
and she had recently given
birth to a baby girl;
Proof of paternity was
eventually resolved

Her ship came in
She met that man
She’d strike it rich
That was her plan

A billionaire
As old as dirt
She didn't care
She liked to flirt

She used to dance
He went to look
And on a date
This gal he took

He married her
Yes, that is true
Reciting vows
Both said I do

The following year
The billionaire died
Though not a surprise
But still she cried

A family feud
An angered son
He wanted it all
And gave her none

He wouldn’t share
He’d rather fight
There was enough
It wasn’t right

Much time was spent
On his crusade
The lawyers laughed
They still got paid

As years went by
The son had died
But peace of mind
She was denied

The birth of her child
The death of her son
Who's the daddy
The search has begun

Her ship came in
Then out to sea
She died so young
And tragically

She married money
He married a bunny
To be his playmate
It was quite funny