Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Salt and Pepper

The recipe calls
For salt and pepper
Because they always
Go together

Salt is white
Pepper is black
Without this combo
Flavor it lacks

In every kitchen
You’ll always find
Salt and pepper
To use combined

On restaurant tables
You’ll always see
Salt and pepper
But use sparingly  

Black or white
It doesn’t matter
But don’t put pepper
In your cake batter

By, Randee Saber 8/16/2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Canadian Rockies Tour - Gate 1 (2017)

We met in Calgary
And toured the city
With towering buildings
Where no place is gritty

At the hotel, Prince of Wales
People came to imbibe
The booze was legal
Without paying a bribe

On the Watertown Lake
The boat ride was great
And we learned that bald eagles
Choose only one mate

And thousands of berries
Bears have to ingest
Before they can get
A long winter’s rest

Crossing into Montana
For a full day of fun
In a red touring car
On a road to the sun

Big sky country
Living up to its name
A more beautiful place
Would be hard to proclaim

Perched high on a hill
The Banff Springs Hotel
It looks like a castle
And has stories to tell

Overlooking the mountains
The gondola ride
Spectacular views
Both in and outside

Through tunnels we drove
To Lake Louise
So safely the animals
Could cross when they please

Six melting glaciers
Formed Lake Louise
Don’t tip your canoe
Otherwise you’ll freeze

In the valley of glaciers
An endless chain
Along Glacier Parkway
It’s their domain

The lakes and rivers
And jagged mountains
Plus waterfalls flowing
Like gigantic fountains

Mountain goats and sheep
And a big black bear
They kept on eating
Ignoring our stares

A hike at Maligne Canyon
A boat ride at Maligne Lake
A stop on Spirit Island
More photos to take
Our final destination
An ice field to explore
A ride onto a glacier
Soon it will be no more

Canadian money
It doesn’t look real
And the rate of exchange
Has great appeal

And who can forget
The beautiful flowers
Adorning the cities
Arranging took hours

Our tour guide, Virginia
Was so full of knowledge
I thought I was taking
A course in college

And Bob, the bus driver
Carried our load
Cleaning our hands
Before hitting the road

Happy trails to you all
Though our journey did end
We had a great time
And we’ll all recommend

By, Randee Saber  8/1/2017