Thursday, July 23, 2009

A tattoo artist

He started to draw
At a young age
Pretty pictures
Filled each page

A vase with flowers
A scenic place
And skillfully
He’d draw your face

In college classes
He would enroll
A famous painter
That was his goal

Not enough money
Could he earn
A different skill
He had to learn

A new technique
A canvass of skin
A tattoo artist
To his chagrin

On arms and legs
Fingers and toes
On men and women
Tattoos are exposed

Tattoo artists
Amazing to me
They need to draw
So accurately

A tattoo artist
In this day and age
It’s not hard to earn
A living wage

By, Randee Saber 7/23/09

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Money versus life

Don’t steal money
From the rich or poor
Much time in prison
You’ll serve for sure

Embezzling funds
In prison for life
Stuck behind bars
No children or wife

Injuring someone
May not result
In much jail time
Now what an insult

At his parole hearing
The prisoner may say
He’s very sorry
And prays everyday

Released on parole
He seemed so sincere
And now his victim
Is filled with fear

He stole their money
So many deceived
They’ll be no parole
For life he received

By, Randee Saber 7/13.09

Bernie Madoff Won't Appeal 150-Year Prison Term, Attorney Says
Ponzi Scammer Awaits Prison Assignment for $65 Billion Fraud

Notorious Ponzi scammer Bernie Madoff will not appeal the 150-year prison sentence that was handed down to him late last month, apparently resigned to the fact that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars for his $65 billion fraud.

Ponzi scammer Bernie Madoff, has left the Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center, on his way to a permanent federal prison. He has decided not to appeal his 150-year prison sentence for his $65 billion fraud, his attorney said. Madoff's attorney, Ira Sorkin, said Madoff had reached the decision, but would not comment on his reasons for doing so. Judge Denny Chin sentenced Madoff to the maximum term June 29, saying it was a symbolic sentence for a crime that showed "extraordinary evil" and "took a staggering human toll." As Chin read his sentence, the courtroom, filled with many of Madoff's devastated victims, broke into applause.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A famous person

A famous person
Got lots of attention
Yet our soldiers
Got no mention

Music’s important
And it was played
During each war
New songs were made

With iPods and walkmen
Our soldiers control
The music they'll play
Like rock and roll

So don’t get upset
They made a big deal
Michael Jackson's
Songs have appeal

Listening to music
Our troops will do
And to our troops
We must say thank you

By, Randee Saber 7/9/09

OMG, Michael Jackson died: a look at the coverage surrounding the death of Michael Jackson

July 9, 2:41 PM

It’s raining Michael Jackson. Everywhere you go, despite if you are a fan or not, despite if you thought he was a pedophile or not, there he is staring at you usually from a photo taken circa 1986ish. Here are some undisputable facts. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009. Earlier on that very same day Farrah Fawcett died after a long battle with cancer. She had been in the news for the last month or so because she had made her condition public. When she died the pop culture presses were ready, the eulogies were written, the orbits waiting for someone to press publish…then Michael Jackson ups the press coverage ante by also dying. His death seemed to come out of left field and for that reason it was shocking. I imagine even his most devoted fan must admit that the man must have gone under the knife more than once or twice to alter his appearance so. Further, there had already been some allegations of drug use in the tabloids so the idea of Jackson dying wasn’t as shocking as say someone who appears to be in perfect health, but nevertheless it was shocking.
Jackson was in the last stages of rehearsal for fifty sold out concerts to be held at the O 2 arena in London which were to take place from July 13, 2009 to March 6, 2010. I am not even going to guess at Jackson’s financial status at the time of his death because reports are all over the place. From the various sources I have read, these concerts would have cleared Jackson of his debts and given him a substantial profit margin unless his spending got out of control or something tragic happened…like his death. As it stands presently I am sure his family, friends, and the world public are going to hear about the hashing out of the Jackson estate until his youngest child, known commonly as Blanket, is in his 80’s.

Friday, July 3, 2009

War Hero

You were too young
To lose your arm
By fighting a war
You did risk harm

Plenty of wheelchairs
For those who returned
Prosthetic limbs
Amputees earned

Many more soldiers
They now can save
In previous wars
They’d be in their grave

Prisoners of war
How many if any
In Viet Nam
There were plenty

John McCain
Must have shed tears
In Viet Nam
Held captive for years

When he was released
His family cheered
Uncertain he died
Until he appeared

A prisoner of war
There’s no guarantee
That you’ll get to win
The Presidency

By, Randee Saber 7/2/09

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm praying for rain

It’s awfully hot
And very dry
It will not rain
I wonder why

My lawn is brown
And barely alive
Some of my plants
Will not survive

Mosquitoes are gone
I don’t know where
I’m not getting bit
So I don’t care

An Indian Rain Dance
I must learn how
Keep praying for rain
I must do now

By, Randee Saber 7/2/09

Houston hits record high with 104 degrees
Heat wave and drought during the summer of 2009
(CNN) -- Houston, Texas, had a record high temperature Wednesday as a heat wave continues to grip the nation's midsection, the National Weather Service said Thursday.
The city sweltered with a high temperature of 104 degrees Wednesday, a record high for June 24, forecasters said. The previous record high for the date was 99 degrees, set in 1980.