Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who's your daddy

You can not choose your parents
You don't know who they’ll be
Perhaps you’ll have two daddies
A possibility

They’re really very kind
They give you much attention
This family situation
You're careful not to mention

To have a mom and dad
What difference does it make
Although you have two dads
You still can learn to bake

And what about those families
Where moms and dads do fight
Soon they’ll go their separate ways
Then party every night

Your parents will protect you
You'll never be abused
But how they love each other
Still leaves you quite confused

This familiy situation
Won't cause you to be gay
Because you have two daddies
You can live a different way

By, Randee Saber 1/30/07

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If only I had known

If only I had known
My life would be this way
Others wouldn't have mattered
At home more I would stay

I would have paid attention
To both my little boys
And hold them in my arms so tight
And not just buy them toys

If only I had known
They were to grow up fast
I would have been a better mom
We could have had a blast

Memories of their childhood
Are now just very few
I wasted all that time
When there was much to do

Try not to make the same mistake
For only had I known
I would have lived a different life
If only I’d been shown

By, Randee Saber 4/15/06

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Today a statue, tomorrow a bird

Today I'm a statue
Getting pooped on by a bird
Because I can not move
I stand here like a nerd

More birds will join the fun
They know I can’t attack
I'm helpless standing here
With bird poop on my back

One day I’ll be a bird
No statue anymore
That's when I'll get to poop
On those I should ignore

By, Randee Saber 6/15/06

Friday, January 26, 2007

The perfect job

I can drive a Mac truck
Or a yellow school bus
And yell at the children
Who are making a fuss

I can work in a store
Or a fancy boutique
When you try on clothes
I won’t take a peak

At the local bank
I can cash your check
Or tow your car
If you have wreck

I can mow your lawn
And trim your trees
Or plow your fields
In the summer breeze

In the FBI
I can carry guns
And shoot the bad guy
Before he runs

I can join the Army
Or the Navy
I can make mashed potatoes
All covered with gravy

I can test the mattress
On your bed
That’s where I’ll lay
My sleepy head

By, Randee Saber 1/25/07

Card carrying member

An ID card
Identifies you
A business card
Tells what you do

Insurance cards
Your claims get paid
Credit cards
Payments delayed

Debit cards
Get money quick
For Lotto tickets
Or a quick pick

A card that's green
Allows you to stay
And get a job
In the U.S.A.

A driver’s license
Permits you to drive
A much awaited
Day to arrive

Election Day
Show your card
Cast your ballot
It’s not very hard

A deck of cards
To wage a bet
So carry your cards
And don’t forget

By, Randee Saber 1/25/07

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why is it?

We can build mighty towers as high as the clouds
And remove the debris after they've fallen

We can build bridges that span large rivers
And tunnels to go underneath

We can build airplanes to fly remotely
And space shuttles to be reused

We can build monuments to honor the dead
And statues to honor our heroes

We can extend a life buy curing cancer
And create a life in a Petri dish

We have worldwide telephone communication
And worldwide Internet access

We can supply drugs, alcohol and tobacco
To those who want it
And not provide food, clothing and shelter
To those who need it

By, Randee Saber 1/23/07

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When did the words change

Certificates of deposit
Known as a CD’s
Will pay higher interest
Not permanently

For music and movies
You purchase CD’s
Go out and buy
As much as you please

When you had a virus
Your doctor you’d see
A computer virus
Wipes out memory

Cookies you eat
Because you love sweets
Computer cookies
Track you without feet

Unwanted emails
Are known as spam
It’s also eaten
Its processed ham

Let’s go surfing
No need for a towel
On the Internet
You can find an old pal

Call on my cell
Refers to a phone
Or cells in your body
The jail cells’ your home

A hot cup of coffee
It's my morning drink
If you're really hot
Someone might wink

When you were happy
You also were gay
Same sex couples
Are now gay today

Whatever you call it
We'll understand
The English language
Can always expand

By, Randee Saber 7/11/06

We're girls

They still call us girls
But boys we don’t say
They’re older and wiser
With hair that is grey

We’re older ladies
Who act immature
We’re petty, we gossip
In haute couture

We hurt people’s feelings
We act like snobs
We won’t include you
Despite your sobs

The men think it’s funny
The way we act
Just silly old girls
And that’s a fact

By, Randee Saber 7/12/06

Words can hurt you

Words are only
A group of letters
It was decided
They’d go together

Our names consist
Of more than one letter
My name is alright
I like your name better

In every language
Some words are bad
People will say them
When they are mad

Words can be funny
And make you smile
So you'll be happy
For more than a while

Words can hurt others
Just keep that in mind
If you happen to say
Something unkind

By, Randee Saber 6/27/06

Take the bitter with the better

“Take the bitter with the better”
My father did say
If someone hurts your feelings
Or insults you one day

They might not have thought
Of what they did say
And didn’t expect you
To take it that way

So take the bitter with the better
Of something that seems
Maybe not nice to hear
But wasn’t meant to be mean

By, Randee Saber4/22/06

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Climb on top of me

Climb on top of me
You’ll be blanketed
In warmth and softness
Now close your eyes and relax
Your travels will soon begin
Have a pleasant journey

Your journey will be exciting
You’ll be strong; you won’t be in pain
You’ll be happy; you won’t be depressed
You’ll be content; you won’t worry
Because during these hours
Your pain, sadness and fears will vanish

But when the sun rises
Everything will be back to normal
And the wonderful dreams you had
Have now disappeared, until sunset
When you climb on top of me again

By, Randee Saber 1/16/07

Monday, January 15, 2007

Faded beauty

She went to Hollywood
To be discovered
The part she got
She played uncovered

She wanted the part
She did what he asked
That was long ago
That was in the past

She bleached her hair
Did anyone care
Most of the time
She had nothing to wear

Her former life
Didn’t last long
A much better part
Soon came along

An ingénue
She played the part
That’s how she was cast
That was her real start

Very few knew
That part she once played
A porno star
With her body displayed

The leading lady
A starring role
That was her dream
She reached her goal

But no awards
She wasn't adored

She never married
Though many proposed
Living alone
Is what she chose

A matronly woman
She did become cast
Then soon forgotten
When time had passed

A porno star
And then a queen
On the silver screen
She's no longer seen

By, Randee Saber 1/15/07

Roller Coaster Ride

I went for a ride one day
But I can’t remember when
It was a roller coaster ride
And while I was on it
I had prolonged periods of happiness
Followed by brief periods of sadness

I had days when I felt invincible
Followed by days when I was uncertain
I was willing to take risks
I had erratic behavior
I thought of no one but myself
I was in another world

I probably got on the roller coaster
Right after my first child was born
Riding it for many years
Until suddently, I had to get off
Because the ride ended abruptly
The roller coaster no longer went
Up and down, up and down, up and down
It just went down, and down and down
Spiraling downwards into a deep, dark hole

Every day I kept sinking and sinking
Deeper and deeper into this hole
Because I began to realize
That while I had been on the roller coaster
I thought of no one but myself
I had distanced myself from those who loved me
And when the ride finally ended
It was too late, they were already gone

Twice I tried to end my life
Because I felt like a failure
My life completely fell apart
I could no longer work
I was afraid to drive, afraid to go shopping
Overwhelmed with housework
And no one understood why
They thought I was seeking attention

But throughout all this turmoil
My husband never abandoned me
He allowed me to hire a companion
Who helped me around the house
And kept me company during the day
Because no one would bother with me
And, out of desperation
I even tried living in a group home

One day, in mid April, 2006, I sat down
And wrote my first poem, "Sisters in Crisis"
The idea came to me after spending
An afternoon with a lady who was also
Suffering from depression
Four months later I had written
Almost 200 poems
Totally unaware of how I got my ideas

People began reading my poetry
Complimenting me and saying I had talent
And although I had worked and raised
A family for 20 years,
I finally felt worthwhile

I don't miss the days I was on the roller coaster
Though I still have my mood swings
And I still have to cope with depression
But I'm also alive so I still have time
To make ammends to those I had hurt

By, Randee Saber 1/15/07

You built this for me

I’m standing on this stage
This place is big and new
The grandest concert hall
A lobby they'll go through

I’m here to entertain them
Perhaps I’ll sing and dance
Or tell some dirty jokes
I might just take that chance

Thousands want to visit
They come here every night
And when it’s curtain call
They’ll clap with much delight

They can’t just stay at home
With closet’s full of clothes
They want to spend their time
Enjoying all our shows

These people like to come
To see us dance and sing
Or tell some dirty jokes
Much laughter we will bring

The tickets aren’t cheap
The opera or ballet
Tenors come to sing
Pianists’ come to play

I’m standing on this stage
The curtain soon will rise
We’ll all look very different
We’ll all be in disguise

By, Randee Saber 2006

Id like to go places

I’d like to go to Paris
To see the Eifel tower
And eat delicious pastry
Oh, that I would devour

I’d like to go to London
The Queen I’d like to meet
The changing of the guard
Get fish and chips to eat

I’d like to go to Rome
And tour the coliseum
Revisit ancient times
This city’s a museum

In Venice will you join me
For a gondola ride
It will be so romantic
With you right by my side

I’d like to see Jerusalem
And place a little letter
Inside the Wailing Wall
Praying all can live together

Some countries I have been to
But they were imitating
In Epcot and Las Vegas
They’re truly fascinating

I’ve gone from coast to coast
There’s still a lot to see
Where I can go by car
Right here in my country

By, Randee Saber 5/28/06

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another pill to take

Another pill
I have to take
Because I have
A tummy ache

A pill for depression
A pill to lose weight
A pill for hot flashes
Oh how I hate

A pill for pain
A pill for congestion
Anxiety pills
I need to mention

My blood pressure's high
My cholesterol too
I’m taking these pills
What else can I do

By, Randee Saber 1/14/07

High heels

High heeled shoes
I’ll never wear
I’m tall enough
I don’t own a pair

A sexy look
In high heeled shoes
Not for comfort
That’s what they choose

Carefully walking
In case they slip
They might break a leg
And even a hip

In the name of fashion
Woman will buy
High heeled shoes
I wonder why

By, Randee Saber 1/14/07

The Hypnotist - Princess Cruise 12/06

He captured them
For only an hour
Directing their thoughts
With his magical power

They did what he said
And didn’t resist
He did persuade
But didn’t persist

They rowed a boat
They swam to shore
It was just the beginning
They would do much more

A ventriloquist dummy
Pretends to talk
Under hypnosis
They sleep while they walk

Controlling their mind
While under his spell
Would they ever remember
Would anyone tell

By, Randee Saber 1/14/07


When typing a letter
My typos are plenty
But others who type
Hardly have any

I have no excuse
Computers can spell
And help with grammar
They do it well

I’ll proof-read my work
Yet I still won't see
Typos I’ve made
They hide from me

You must be sure
Words aren't typed wrong
Or other words added
That don't belong

Make no mistakes
When typing a letter
Or someone else
Will do it much better

By, Randee Saber 6/28/06

Never too old to work for beer

I’m never too old to work for beer
No matter what work I do
I’ll do the work for free
I can’t resist a brew

The beer can be light or dark
In bottles or in cans
Just make sure it’s cold
Warm beer I can not stand

I won't charge you for the work
In dollars and in cents
I’ll do anything you want
For a beer, I’ll fix your fence

I'll drink some beer while working
In any kind of weather
Once the work is done
We’ll drink a few together

I’m never too old to work for beer
No need to give me cash
And any beer remaining
I'll add it to my stash

By, Randee Saber 6/14/06

Shoudda, coudda, woudda

And I shoudda done this
And I coudda done that
And I woudda done this
But I didn’t do that

And I did delay
What I shoudda done
Now my shoudda, coudda, woudda
Isn’t having much fun

And I shoudda said this
And I coudda said that
And I woudda said this
But I didn’t say that

And I did delay
What I coudda said
Now my shoudda, coudda, woudda
Has already fled

Now I can’t look back
Cause I did delay
What I shoudda, coudda, woudda
Should have done that day

But I have regrets
That it went too fast
Now shoudda, coudda, woudda
Has already passed

By, Randee Saber 1/14/07

A rainbow of colors - Roatan, Honduras

A rainbow of colors
That blow in the wind
None will escape
Together they’re pinned

Attached to a rope
Like clothes on a vine
A rainbow of colors
In one straight line

No space in between
All colors together
Red, white and green
To face the weather

A rainbow of colors
Outside everyday
Until they are dried
This laundry will stay

By, Randee Saber 1/14/07

Where the boys are

Where the boys are
Someone waits for me
A beautiful song
In on old movie

The boys aren’t waiting
They’re being chased
By too many girls
All over the place

Supply and demand
That’s what it’s about
Men can be choosy
Without a doubt

Their numbers dwindle
When we’re at war
And no woman wants
A man who is poor

I hate to mention
Young gals are desired
Less men on the market
Old gals have expired

And what about men
Who like other men
Less men on the market
I’ll say it again

Those men who divorce
They’ve left their wife
Now ladies don’t let them
Into your life

What makes you think
He’ll be faithful to you
If he left number one
He’ll leave number two

Men are outliving
They’re lifetime mate
When his wife dies
He’ll soon start to date

These widowed men
Women pursue
Soon widowed men
Become too few

Stand by your man
Sang Tammy Wynette
If not someone else
Will take him, you bet

By, Randee Saber 1/14/07

Till death do us part

Scott Peterson convicted of
Murdering his wife, Lacy,
And their unborn child
Christmas 2002

She disappeared
Your beautiful wife
It was your intention
To end her life

You were annoyed
A child on the way
You loved someone else
Your wife couldn’t stay

You both were missing
On Christmas Day
You left the house
And went astray

She never returned
The search had begun
Was this a game
You thought you won

Her body was found
With her unborn son
You were convicted
This crime you had done

Till death do us part
And thou shall not kill
When your wife dies
Must be the Lord’s will

By, Randee Saber 1/14/07

I only grow fake flowers

I only grow fake flowers
No green thumb do I need
No digging in the dirt
To plant a little seed

No water is required
No sunny place to grow
Remove them from the ground
If too close when you mow

My flowers stay in bloom
All throughout the year
They surely do look real
But not if you're too near

If bumble bees do visit
They can not pollinate
Because they’re not real flowers
The bees will be irate

I only grow fake flowers
I'm making you aware
And if you'd like to have some
I have enough to share

By, Randee Saber 1/11/07

Saturday, January 13, 2007

You forgot to get dressed

You’re wearing a sheet
You didn't get dressed
Before leaving your house
Was your suit not pressed

Could it be a mistake
And not your intention
To wear your bedclothes
Should I not mention

A red and white cloth
Placed on your head
Replaces a hat
You wear this instead

This fashion statement
You are trying to make
What you wear on your head
To a picnic I’d take

Your clothing is different
And quite unique
Under your sheets
Do we dare to peak

You probably think
The clothes we wear
Are very distasteful
At us you’ll stare

Blue jean are faded
They have to be torn
They won’t look good
If they’re not worn

They'll pay more money
For faded torn jeans
They’re actually new
And also clean

Pulling them down
They'll wear their pants
The pants might fall down
They'll take that chance

That's what they like
They think it's cool
In my opinion
They look like a fool

Wear what you want
Choose your own clothes
It's your decision
Anything goes

By, Randee Saber 7/7/06

We must never forget September 11, 2001

We were attacked
Though not at war
Planes hit the Towers
Like never before

The Pentagon hit
What else was planned
It was no accident
They trained not to land

Flight 93
The plane was hijacked
Passengers plotted
To take the plane back

No target got hit
Because they were brave
Their plane had crashed
The crash site's their grave

They entered the Towers
At different locations
All who responded
Had no hesitation

Quite shocking it was
The towers did fall
Out of the rubble
Few would crawl

Rescue efforts
Were underway
In search of survivors
Hoping each day

Time to clean up
Remove the debris
A massive effort
That had to be

Years have elapsed
Movies were made
We shall never forget
Or let memories fade

By, Randee Saber 9/11/06

Friday, January 12, 2007

Why blame the Jews

When did I learn
Was I seven or eight
Those who are Jewish
Many still hate

How did this happen
Does anyone know
Why Jews are still hated
Since long ago

What did they do
All of those Jews
So many crimes
They've been accused

It wasn't the Jews
But they had to accuse
Blaming the Jews
Kept them amused

They didn't witness
Yet some will insist
Jews killed Jesus
Why do they persist

They’ve suffered enough
They’ve paid the price
Can’t they be kind
Can’t they be nice

By, Randee Saber 1/12/07

If I prayed with you

If I prayed with you
If I looked like you
Would I be accepted
Would that be true

If I prayed with you
If I had darker skin
Would I be accepted
Would I fit in

If I prayed with you
If I was poor
Would I be accepted
Would I be ignored

If I prayed with you
If I was accepted
Belief in your faith
Would be expected

I'll keep my religion
I won't pray with you
Because what you believe
May not be true

By, Randee Saber 1/12/07

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Does anybody care

You say that I should work
Till I get Medicare
But I just lost my job
Does anybody care

I have no health insurance
I don’t get Medicare
But what if I get sick
Does anybody care

I can’t afford insurance
Till I get Medicare
It costs a lot of money
Does anybody care

Deductibles are high
Weren’t you aware
For routine doctor visits
Does anybody care

What if I get sick
Where will I get care
Does anybody know
Does anybody care

I must make you aware
This problem I must share
A crisis that exists
Does anybody care

By, Randee Saber 1/11/07


Bangle bracelets
You’re never too old
Silver looks good
I’d rather wear gold

Flashy jewels
Are now called bling
Bracelets, earrings
A necklace and ring

Emeralds and rubies
I have none to wear
Your big diamond ring
Will cause me to stare

Costume jewelry
If stolen or lost
It doesn’t matter
Not much it cost

Rings on your fingers
Your navel and toes
But on your tongue
It’s not where it goes

By, Randee Saber 11/10/07

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

All those tattoos

I’m staring at you
You marked up your skin
With all those tattoos
They’re up to your chin

It doesn’t make sense
They don’t belong
Pictures and names
They’ll never be gone

When did it start
All those tattoos
Why did you want them
Could you not refuse

What sort of profession
Can you ever choose
Where can you work
With all those tattoos

Women joined in
They’re getting tattooed
Not where they’re hidden
They’re where they're viewed

Beautiful paintings
Picasso created
But not on the body
You've now desecrated

By, Randee Saber 6/27/06

You can't fool Mother Nature

Hurrican Katrina
struck New Orleans
Sept. 2005

You can’t fool Mother Nature
It’s often a surprise
When the levees overflowed
The water sure did rise

Those who didn't leave in time
The flood began to chase
Perched upon their rooftops
This became a rescue place

Losing their belongings
All are gone for good
The dog was left behind
Alone is where he stood

You can’t fool Mother Nature
This game you’ll never win
Tornadoes near your home
May cause your house to spin

Earthquakes cause destruction
The ground begins to shake
Buildings start collapsing
And valuables will break

Weather isn’t perfect
No matter where you live
Beware of Mother Nature
Respect you need to give

By, Randee Saber 7/7/06

I did the work

I did all your work
And felt like a slave
You were lucky
More money they gave

A college degree
Like you I had
Doing your work
Made me mad

You had a new car
The company paid
My car was old
The paint did fade

You took a long lunch
And ate with friends
I ate at my desk
Your work never ends

You got a big bonus
Including a cruise
I was let go
Now I’m confused

I'm always in
This same situation
I need to look
For a new occupation

By, Randee Saber 7/1/06

Never in an orgy

The Viet Nam War
I never protested
Many who did
They got arrested

An innocent protest
Occurred at Kent State
The National Guard
Did not hesitate

Shooting innocent students
Who didn’t have guns
Who ran from gun shots
Some couldn’t outrun

I wasn’t involved
In the sex revolution
It had nothing to do
With our constitution

I wasn’t at Woodstock
I just watched the movie
I did wear love beads
I thought I looked groovy

Make love, not war
Was what they proclaimed
Sex before marriage
They weren’t ashamed

The days went by
Those years went fast
What happened then
Forever will last

By, Randee Saber 6/23/06a

Out of the hole

It happened very fast
It happened just one day
I never saw it coming
Depression came my way

It hit me like a brick
It hit me in the head
I couldn’t keep from crying
I had to stay in bed

I only thought about
What happened in my past
Mistakes that I had made
A lifetime they would last

And due to this depression
My bed was hard to make
I couldn’t cook a meal
They thought I was a fake

I’d wake up everyday
My future wasn’t bright
I had unpleasant thoughts
I always had to fight

I’m starting to accomplish
Some simple goals I’ve set
To cook a few good meals
And groceries I will get

I was a working mom
With lots I had to do
But when in deep depression
A hole I sank into

I have to keep on living
My husband’s still alive
He wants me to be happy
He wants me to survive

This hole is very deep
I’m climbing to the top
It may take quite a while
I’ll fail if I do stop

By, Randee Saber 5/29/06

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards
I get every year
On many cards
Pictures appear

Family photos
Come with the card
They're piling up
And hard to discard

The family looks great
The children have grown
Soon their parents
Will be all alone

I’ll never forget
Their cards in the past
The children were little
Time went by fast

Your office staff
Lined up in a row
The picture looks nice
These folks I don't know

This Christmas Card
You’ve chosen to send
I'll get ever year
When will it end

I love Christmas Cards
So don’t get me wrong
But those with photos
I’ve kept way too long

By, Randee Saber 1/9/07

Good or bad hair day

A good hair day
Or will it be bad
Will it make me happy
Or will I be mad

On a good hair day
Things will go right
From when I wake up
Till I say goodnight

I can not function
When my hair misbehaves
In any style
It goes its own way

When my hair looks bad
I’ll quickly go
To the beauty parlor
If my hair did grow

But wouldn’t you know
When I’m ready to go
To get my hair cut
But not in a fro

A good hair day
It will certainly be
But I’ll still get it cut
Most definitely

By, Randee Saber 10/4/06

It must be destiny

Do things happen for a reason
Is something meant to be
What happens in your life
It must be destiny

You didn’t choose your parents
Or any family member
In fact when you were born
You didn’t choose your gender

If you become real smart
If grow very tall
It’s nothing that you did
It’s destiny, that’s all

The color of your skin
The church where you pray
The home where you live
Was destined that way

Will you remain healthy
Will you become sick
It won’t be your decision
Who destiny will pick

But if the life you have
Isn't meant to be
Because you are unhappy
You'll change your destiny

The coices that you have
When you don't like your life
You'll find another job
Leave a husband or a wife

I do not ever question
Why something’s meant to be
I will not try to change it
It’s now my destiny

By, Randee Saber 5/31/06

I'll have pity party

I'll have a pity party
But who can I invite
Will I be by myself
And have to spend the night

I'd have these pity parties
Almost every day
No one else would come
They’d all just stay away

At many of my parties
I paid to have a guest
My friends avoided me
Because I was depressed

I’ll have less pity parties
If I can leave my house
Trying to keep busy
With or without my spouse

By, Randee Saber 6/24/06

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Should I give money

He's begging for money
Out in the street
While walking around
On both his feet

He says he is hungry
And needs a dollar
Why don’t you work
I want to holler

He's near my car
Holding a sign
Expecting me
To read each line

He's a nuisance
And a distraction
Could he be getting
Much satisfaction

He won’t get a job
But he's on the street
I do pity him
Being out in the heat

Will he buy wine
With the money I give
Or buy some food
To continue to live

Where does he live
Did he come by car
Does he live nearby
Or perhaps very far

I'll turn my head
And just ignore
Although he's begging
He may not be poor

By, Randee Saber 11/28/06

I won't buy a designer purse

A designer purse
I won’t buy
It’s not my style
I’ll tell you why

A fashion statement
I’m not making
I dress for less
I’d just be faking

A knockoff I bought
Dooney and Burke
Because it was cheap
I brought it to work

Chanel is the name
Of a famous perfume
It’s also a purse
With not much room

Call it a purse
Or pocketbook
It doesn’t matter
To any crook

Gucci or Coach
They’re all the same
You'll spend a lot
To buy their name

By, Randee Saber 6/24/06

I save bags

Paper or plastic
That’s in the past
They’ll cut less trees
Our forests will last

You don't have a choice
Its plastic they'll use
It comes with a hole
So you can't reuse

Department stores
Will give you a sack
With handles to carry
Whatever you pack

I cherish these sacks
I also call bags
And put them away
Close to my rags

I collect gift bags
I’ve saved up a stash
People give gifts
They don’t give me cash

Shopping and gift bags
I have a collection
If you need a bag
Come make a selection

By, Randee Saber 7/6/06

Walking in the rain

I walked in the rain
I walked in the snow
I walked when I wasn't
Sure where to go

I walked in the wind
I walked up a hill
I walked for miles
Even when I was ill

I walked on the sidewalk
I walked in the street
I walked in your shoes
And in my bare feet

I walked in the sun
I walked in the dark
I walked on the beach
And through the park

I walked in the fog
But found my way
To see you again
No more walking today

By, Randee Saber 11/27/06

Mad Money

You have mad money
Why is it mad
Did it do something wrong
Was this money bad

Your money may be mad
But surely you’re not
You can spend it freely
All that you’ve got

They say that money
Won't grow on trees
But that would be great
To pick what we please

They say that money
Is the root of all evil
It destroys families
It causes upheaval

Don’t let your money
Go to your head
If you don’t spend it
Can I have it instead

By, Randee Saber 7/8/06

He'll find you

You left him alone
In a Christmas manager
On a cold winter night
His life was in danger

Wrapped in a blanket
Your infant son
Did you want your freedom
So you could have fun

Soon he was found
Alone on the ground
But an unwanted dog
Would you take to the pound

In a loving family
They raised their new son
But when he got older
His search had begun

The love and kindness
Those years of attention
The money they spent
Not to mention

He’s searching for you
A son you neglected
He’s anxious to find
But them, he’s rejected

By, Randee Saber 1/7/07

What's bad is good

Don’t eat bread
And don’t eat meat
And don’t eat anything
That tastes sweet

Atkins, South Beach
They’re all the same
They want you to starve
Weight loss they claim

Jenny Craig’s
Pre-packaged food
You’ll still be hungry
And in a bad mood

Pay to get weighed
They’ll watch your weight
Every week
Their scale you’ll hate

Forget about food
Workout at the gym
Walk on the treadmill
Go for a swim

You may reach your goal
And drop a size
Keep your big clothes
A word to the wise

By, Randee Saber 1/7/07


If you're flat chested
There’s no need to wear
A bra with wires
Men don't care

These wires are placed
Beneath each breast
Giving support
And a little rest

Bra’s with wires
Are meant to confine
The larger breasts
Not small ones like mine

The wonder bra
Compresses the chest
Showing some cleavage
Your size isn't guessed

A long time ago
Women protested
By burning their bras
Equal rights they requested

By, Randee Saber 1/7/07

Sisters in Crisis

Call on me when needed
Or when you are in pain
I understand your problem
There’s no need to explain

I will not stand in judgment
Nor criticize you too
For I myself have knowledge
Of what that does to you

My arms will be wide open
My ears will be in tune
To listen and to help you
So you won't sleep till noon

Although you do not feel well
It’s not a common cold
I'll always understand you
Ignore what you’ve been told

So yes my friend please call me
And I will call you too
Because my life’s not perfect
I can relate to you

By, Randee Saber 4/14/06

Your dogggie always loves you

If you’re fat or thin
If you’re short or tall
Your doggie will love you
And fetch the ball

If you’re black or white
If you’re old or young
You'll be licked
With a slobbering tongue

If you’re sick or sad
Or in a bad mood
You’re doggie won’t mind
If there's plenty of food

Take many long walks
Give lots of attention
Your doggies provides
Much protection

Share your troubles
When you're feeling down
It won't seem as bad
With your doggie around

What better friend
Could you ever find
Be good to your doggie
Keep that in mind

By, Randee Saber 10/4/06

I'm begging for food

I’m begging for food
Though I just ate
Your food looks good
Don’t clean your plate

I eat the same food
Day in and day out
But I get hungry
I can’t do without

You eat different food
I see you plate
I eat the same food
So now I’m irate

You go to restaurants
Italian, Chinese
Bring your leftovers
Home to me please

The doggie bag
Has changed its name
It’s a box to go
This food I can’t claim

Your leftover box
Isn’t hidden from me
You’re eating the food
Where I can see

I’m begging for food
I’d just like to eat
Something brand new
It would be a treat

By, Randee Saber 7/9/06

Let us die

The sun is shining bright
I hate to leave my bed
I feel I’ve lived my life
There’s nothing left ahead

My life has lost its meaning
There’s nothing more to do
The years went by too fast
I feel my life is through

I am no longer needed
At work, I am too old
They want the younger ones
No need that I’d be told

Perhaps I’ll watch TV
Then eat a mid-day meal
I haven't got a purpose
That’s just the way I feel

They say to treasure life
I’m not allowed to die
By taking my own life
Yet now I wonder why

They let us kill our dog
They let us kill our cat
Or kill an unborn child
What do you think of that

They’ll never hesitate
To send our sons and daughters
To fight their senseless wars
Too many will be slaughtered

Those inmates on death row
Eventually they'll die
In spite of finding Jesus
One day they'll say goodbye

They say that I must live
Counting all the years
With nothing more to do
But with so many fears

Fear my spouse will die
Fear of the unknown
Fear of being sick
And being all alone

I'll give them all my money
They’ll say the place is nice
A room that I must share
Will cost a real high price

We’ll all be locked away
Too old to be in sight
One day they’ll let us die
I think we have the right

By, Randee Saber 10/28/06

Saturday, January 6, 2007


Everyone loves cheesecake
They’re not too hard to make
Combine a few ingredients
To mix and then to bake

When you want dessert
You know which one to choose
If cheesecake’s on the menu
It’s too hard to refuse

Chocolate cake and apple pie
Plus several ice cream flavors
Are desserts you like to eat
But cheesecake you do favor

A little slice of cheesecake
Will cost you several dollars
You can make it cheaper
You needn’t be a scholar

All you need is cream cheese
The recipes are plenty
You can make a cheesecake
Serving very many

Strawberries or Cherries
With whip cream on the top
Will make your cheesecake tastier
To eat, you will not stop

When your cheesecake’s ready
Call some friends to taste
I’m sure they’ll love your cheesecake
None will go to waste

By, Randee Saber 6/18/06

Supersize Me

I’ll eat every drop
I cannot stop

Whatever I see
All this food pleases me

Five meals a day
I can’t stay away

From the buffet
Or the outside café

There are choices to make
I’ll choose lobster and steak

It’s okay to taste
I’ll let none go to waste

And I’m now supersized
Which is no surprise

When I’m on a cruise
There’s no food I’ll refuse

By, Randee Saber 1/6/07

Pack your bags

I’m going home
I can not stay
I’m filled with clothes
They wore each day

I’ll go where it’s warm
Or where it’s cold
I never ask
I go where I’m told

Their souvenirs
Will hitch a ride
They’ll be unpacked
Where they reside

I’m put away
And out of sight
Inside the closet
Day and night

The cruise is over
They sure had fun
They’ll take me on
Another one

By, Randee Saber 12/1/06

Cruise Ship Employees

On a luxury liner
The service is fine
In the dining room
Every night we dine

The cabin is cleaned
Twice a day
After we leave
When we’ve gone to play

Everyone’s friendly
They all say hello
The employees on top
Plus the ones down below

Most have an accent
They’ve come a long way
On this luxury liner
They’ve chosen to stay

They’ll see their families
Few times a year
They’ve learned to adjust
To a job that’s not near

In need of a job
Cruise lines will hire
Those that seek work
This job they desire

They’re always willing
To do you a favor
And have to be
On their best behavior

A life at sea
For so many days
To serve all of us
Do give them praise

By, Randee Saber 12/1/06


Good morning to you
Wake up sleepyhead
You’ve got to get up
And out of bed

Order in the court
The jury will adjourn
With their verdict
They’ll soon return

Please be seated
May I have your attention
There’s something important
I need to mention

Listen up
I’ve got something to say
I’m warning you
Be careful today

Dearly departed
We gather here
To bury someone
Who was very dear

By, Randee Saber 9/30/06

Friday, January 5, 2007

Did dinosaurs worry

Did dinosaurs worry
What did they fear
Did they have an idea
Their end was near

For millions of years
They roamed the earth
Until they were gone
Then cavemen gave birth

Perhaps the cause
Was global warming
They just disappeared
Without any warning

No cars or trucks
Or air pollution
No ozone layers
But still, no solution

They upped and left
And went away
The dinosaurs
Could no longer stay

We may all disappear
Without any warning
Some may predict
It's global warming

My theory is that
We’re more likely to die
From nuclear weapons
That will fall from the sky

By, Randee Saber 1/5/07

How many children do you want

How many children do you want
Is it one, or two, or three
It’s not hard to decide
You can have them easily

You might just want to wait
Until you’re more mature
It’s best to save some money
You’ll need it, that’s for sure

And when you see your baby
You’ll soon forget the pain
Of a long and endless labor
Nearly driving you insane

And when this child is older
Another may be planned
But wait a little longer
Till the older one can stand

So if you do get blessed
With child number two
Be certain to have lots of fun
Take them everywhere with you

The time will go by quickly
They’ll soon be on their own
They couldn’t stay forever
They only were on loan

By, Randee Saber 4/24/06

How did I manage

I’ll send them an email
Or call on their cell
I won’t bother ringing
The dinner bell

The intercom system
We never used
It came with our home
And merely confused

My doorbell won’t ring
Whenever you drive
You’ll call on your cell
Saying you’ll soon arrive

There’s no reason to go
To the lost and found
When I need to find you
My cell phone’s around

How did I manage
To find you before
When lost in a store
I’d walk and explore

I’ll send him an email
He’s right by my side
Does he want to go out
He needs to decide

By, Randee Saber 7/8/06

Hate crime

Spring, TX
Hispanic teen, David Ritcheson
was brutally attacked by
skin heads - Summer 2006
who beat & solomized him
with an outdoor umbrella
leaving him for dead.
After numerous surgeries, he
recovered but nearly a year later,
he committed suicide by jumping
off the top deck of a Carnival
Cruise Ship on July 1, 2007
while vacationing with friends.

I’m the scapegoat
It’s me who you blame
For all your problems
You should be ashamed

My skin is darker
I’m a different race
But look at me closely
We have the same face

I’m not an alien
From the planet Mars
Just like you
I look at the stars

Did you feel better
Hitting my face
Punching my body
All over the place

What were you thinking
You left me for dead
It was late at night
You went home to bed

My body is ruined
My energy drained
You did this to me
Without knowing my name

By, Randee Saber 7/11/06

Here's looking at you

Looks are deceiving
I couldn’t tell
You’re really rich
You hide it well

If looks can kill
It won’t be long
You won’t be here
You don’t belong

I’ll look you up
When I’m in town
Hoping that you’ll
Still be around

Things are looking up
I’m doing much better
When I have time
I’ll write you a letter

Hey look me over
Do I look good
This outfit cost plenty
Therefore, I should

Here’s looking at you
Humphrey said
In Casablanca
As Ingrid fled

Looks are deceiving
I must be naive
You dress like a girl
You’re a boy I believe

By, Randee Saber 8/20/06

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror mirror
On the wall
Am I the prettiest
Of them all

My mother told me
When I was a child
To enter contests
And make sure I smiled

People would say
That I was a beauty
Enter more contests
Mom said was my duty

Singing and dancing
Those lessons I took
You need to have talent
And also good looks

Now that I'm older
Nor child or teen
My last beauty contest
I hope I'm crowned queen

By, Randee Saber 7/10/06

A candle in the wind

Birthday candles
Your age, I won't doubt
Get the candles
The lights went out

Candles for fragrance
Pine or cherry
A candlelight vigil
End the war in a hurry

A unity candle
In marriage unites
Chanukah candles
The Festival of Lights

Burning in the wind
A citronella candle
How many mosquitoes
Will it handle

By, Randee Saber 8/26/06

Enemies now friends

We fought the Indians
We won the war
On reservations
They were very poor

Casinos helped them
Make a living
To reservations
We now keep giving

We fought the British
For independence
No longer needing
Their dependence

We got disgusted
Threw out their tea
But now we drink it

We fought the Mexicans
Who owned the land
Now Tex-Mex food
Is in demand

We fought the Japs
The Germans too
But not the Russians
In World War 2

Cars and TV’s
Are made in Japan
Became their plan

In South Vietnam
We fought a long war
We pulled out hoping
No wars anymore

Those who fled
Came to our shores
Many have opened
Nail salon stores

Another war
Far away in Iraq
Our sons and daughters
Are under attack

When this war ends
What will they do
Will Iraqis’ move here
And make their debut

All of this bloodshed
It seems, never ends
Perhaps in my lifetime
We can all be friends

By, Randee Saber 7/3/06

Are you really happy

I once was invited
To a new member tea
In a really nice home
That did impress me

I thought the home
Had an elegant touch
And quite expensive
Who knows how much

The guests looked nice
Their hair was styled
They seemed to like me
And always smiled

Many were widowed
Yet I was amazed
Though friendly and cheerful
While I looked half crazed

They no longer work
Yet say they are busy
Running around
Until they are dizzy

There’s not much to do
But play many games
Bridge, canasta
And some other names

Perhaps these ladies
Have chosen to act
Are they really not happy
As a matter of fact

If you happen to go
To a new member tea
You don't have to be
As observant as me

By, Randee Saber 4/19/06

Thursday, January 4, 2007

The biggest dog the smallest RV

The biggest dog
The smallest RV
We can’t sit inside
And watch TV

A 19 foot trailer
That’s what we tow
Our great big dog
With us, he’ll go

They’re sitting inside
Escaping the heat
Without the bugs
While they get to eat

We’re sitting outdoors
It’s way too hot
Trying to eat
What the bugs have not

The bigger their trailers
The smaller their pet
Our great big dog
We’ll never regret

By, Randee Saber 10/2/06

The Terrorist

Sept. 11, 2001

Fisher Price
You never heard
Nursey rhymes
You don't know a word

No jig saw puzzles
Building blocks
Matchbox cars
Or a wooden toy box

A bright red wagon
Or a puppy
Neither of those
You weren't that lucky

Not enough food
For you to eat
Or a candy bar
For a little treat

Trained to become
A terrorist
As a young boy
You couldn’t resist

Three meals a day
Is how they entice
You’ll do what they want
You’ll pay the price

The U.S.A.
They said to hate
Death will lead you
To Heaven’s Gate

You’re another name
Who chose to die
You’ll be replaced
Did you ever know why

By, Randee Saber 7/29/06

White water rafting

Rafting along
The scenic river
The water is cold
I’m starting to shiver

We don’t have a guide
The rapids are rough
With four adults
We’ll paddle enough

I almost fell out
I need to hold tight
Going through rapids
It must be done right

The branches are low
We’re off to the side
Watch out for that raft
So we don't collide

The sound goes thump
When we get stuck
Let's get off that rock
Or we'll be out of luck

In just a few minutes
Our raft moves along
I won't think about
What else may go wrong

By, Randee Saber 10/7/06

The Dollar General

The Dollar General
Didn’t fight in a war
Selling various items
It’s a discount store

There are many choices
In this little store
Short isles to walk
Who could ask for more

The dollar items
You will see many
Household products
You can buy plenty

For just a few dollars
More or less
You can buy food
And a nice house dress

The Dollar General
Has much appeal
Those other stores
They're no big deal

By, Randee Saber 917/06

Live and Learn

You learn something new
Live and learn
That’s what they say

An old dog
Can learn a new trick
It may take a while
And may not be quick

You’re never too old
To keep on learning
But you may be too old
To keep on earning

If I happen to learn
Something new
I’ll be more than happy
To share it with you

By, Randee Saber 7/18/06

Casino Maze

I’m in a maze
I can’t get out
Up and down aisles
I’m ready to shout

The slot machines
Are everywhere
And blackjack tables
Sit down if you dare

They’ve hidden the exit
They want me to stay
Inside this casino
Just sit and play

I don’t have to leave
There’s food and booze
I’ll gamble some more
Though I’m certain I’ll lose

This was their intention
What they had in mind
To make the exit
Too hard to find

By, Randee Saber 10/7/06

Gas Stations Today

Gas stations today
Aren’t like before
Like filling your tank
There was no store

A long time ago
Your car was repaired
A tire was changed
When gas stations cared

Filling your tank
Was part of their task
Plus checking your oil
You never would ask

At stations today
You’ll grab a snack
A subway sandwich
And buy a six pack

But changing a flat
Gas stations don’t do
And windshield washing
It’s now up to you

By, Randee Saber 7/19/06

Atlantic City Visit

On the boardwalk
In Atlantic City
Walks a handsome young man
With a gal who is pretty

Childhood memories
Quickly return
For this handsome young man
His past she would learn

Atlantic, Pacific
Boardwalk, Park Place
Familiar names
On signs were placed

The Monopoly board
These streets do exist
Photos werre taken
She couldn't resist

A casino hotel
They’ve chosen to stay
Blackjack games
They like to play

A family reunion
For my handsome young son
His friend’s first visit
I hope she had fun

By, Randee Saber 10/7/06

RV Resort

The RV Resort
Looks like a show
Expensive RV's
Driven or towed

Our little RV
Is out of place
But we're surrounded
With lots of space

My husband will
Connect the power
Plus the water
To take a shower

I may fix a meal
Or maybe not
I’m on vacation
Plus I’m hot

The dog is with us
So we won't pay
Lots of money
To board him each day

A portable kennel
That’s what it’s like
To sleep with our dog
And go on a hike

By, Randee Saber 7/16/06

Boy Scouts Revisited

You went to Wal-Mart
For camping gear
A tent, a cot
A six pack of beer

Your wife and daughter
Came along
A nice hotel
Is where they belong

Reliving your youth
At Boy Scout camp
A campfire burning
The air was damp

You cooked some steaks
And offered smores
To the couple beside you
In a trailer with doors

This camping trip
Was your vacation
Lots of work
And some relaxation

By, Randee Saber 9/20/06


At the casino
You hope to win
As the roulette wheel
Takes a spin

Will it land
On black or red
The wrong color
Is what you dread

The slot machines
You love to play
For several hours
Giving money away

Blackjack and craps
Are played at a table
You’ll stay as long
As you are able

You need to quit
While you’re ahead
If you wind up losing
Go home to bed

By, Randee Saber 10/7/06

Where are we going

Where are we going
I’m in the back seat
Behaving myself
Without a treat

The very first time
I'm taking a trip
I’m coming along
The kennel I'll skip

We’ll visit new places
But while its light
We'll set up camp
And stay the night

My bed converts
To their dinette
But I don't complain
Much sleep I'll get

I’m happy to go
With them anywhere
I won’t complain
This journey we share

By, Randee Saber 7/18/06

Waffle House Waitress

A waffle house waitress
You’re way too pretty
To be working here
In this little city

Why work at this place
What brings you here
At least work somewhere
That sells wine and beer

A dead end job
Can’t you see
At the Waffle House
You shouldn’t be

You’ll never get rich
Or meet Mr. Right
Quit this job
You seem very bright

You have a nice shape
In shorts or a dress
You’re still very young
Don’t settle for less

By, Randee Saber 7/17/06

Around the picnic table

Around the picnic table
Outside our tent
A camping trip
Is where we went

Persuading my wife
And teen-age daughter
I’ll buy the steaks
No cows we’ll slaughter

A propane stove
To cook each steak
While looking at
A scenic lake

We’ll eat on china
And drink our wine
Plus light some candles
While we dine

Two days of camping
The food was good
And now a hotel
As promised I would

By, Randee Saber 8/5/06

Another spot

Another spot
On his shirt
What’s it this time
It’s food, not dirt

Spray and wash
Or maybe shout
To treat that spot
And get it out

Into the washer
Hang out to dry
Is the stain gone
I really did try

The shirt’s now clean
How long will it last
Till another spot
Appears real fast

A bib he needs
To avoid a spot
It never ends
New shirts he’s got

By, Randee Saber 8/5/06

Small Town

A small rural town
Is where I’m from
I know the name
Of everyone

Family values
I have learned
A college degree
Is what I’ve earned

No jobs in this town
Just the family farm
With a clapboard house
That has lots of charm

A major city
Where buildings are tall
Is where I’ll live
This coming fall

No rolling hills
Or pretty trees
With autumn leaves
Before the first freeze

To my hometown
There’s no going back
I need to move on
My bags I’ll pack

I’m sad to be leaving
Family and friends
Perhaps I’ll return
When my career ends

By, Randee Saber 7/18/06

The wrong or right place

On a beautiful day
You went for a ride
The kids in the back
The wife by your side

Your family was hungry
But said they would wait
Until the next town
This sealed their fate

A tire blew out
The truck ahead
Spun out of control
Now they are dead

If only you stopped
To eat that lunch
You’d still be together
The entire bunch

En route to the airport
To catch a flight
On a business trip
You were traveling light

Construction delays
Caused you to be late
You’ll miss your flight
This sealed your fate

That day was so nice
In early September
An airplane crashed
You’ll always remember

Traffic, construction
You’re no more concerned
The plane that crashed
Was yours, you learned

Your fate is sealed
It happens this way
Some have to leave
Others will stay

By, Randee Saber 7/16/06

Cross Country Trip

A cross country trip
I have embarked
With my spouse who is driving
And a dog that won’t bark

We’re pulling a trailer
The first one we bought
He knows how to work it
Because he was taught

The A/C is noisy
I can’t fall asleep
The dog slept soundly
Made hardly a peep

When I get hungry
The place I will go
The Waffle House Restaurant
With our trailer in tow

Waffle House Restaurants
From state to state
A pecan waffle
I want on my plate

Pretty scenery
Hills and trees
Away from the city
Plus a tropical breeze

If I don’t get to shop
At least for a day
I’ll read my book
Along the way

Another stop
We’ll make tonight
I hope I’ll sleep soundly
At this next RV site

By, Randee Saber 7/17/06

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The wrecker's ball

The wrecker’s ball
The building’s gone
It isn’t right

That grand hotel
It wasn’t updated
The rooms didn’t sell

A new hotel
With more than one tower
Not like the one
The crane did devour

It didn’t pay
This old hotel
Was done away

A tear down home
Because it’s too small
They’ll build a big home
That’s three stories tall

The family moved out
Because they retired
A much larger home
New owners desired

Close to downtown
They wanted to live
The wrecker’s ball
The old home they’ll give

What’s coming now
The land was sold
It once was a farm
You had been told

In with the new
Out with the old
They’ll do what they want
Once it’s been sold

By, Randee Saber 1/2/07

Why are you smoking

Cigarette smoking
While camping outdoors
Beside a fire
Making smores

This combination
Doesn’t seem right
At this scenic place
Cigarettes you’ll light

Inhaling smoke
And not fresh air
From dawn to dusk
You don’t seem to care

Coughing all day
And into the night
Get rid of those smokes
And that cigarette light

By, Randee Saber 9/20/06

Best in show

Best in show
I used to be
A pretty dog
You guided me

A beauty queen
You used to be
We won first place
Both you and me

We’d wake up early
In the day
You’d go to work
Inside I’d stay

We used to walk
For many miles
They'd stop and stare
We’d see their smiles

Your table scraps
I hardly ate
I was in shape
You watched my weight

I was protection
You weren’t scared
You weren’t alone
I always cared

No chasing squirrels
Or fetch the ball
But I'll still hear you
When you call

Because I'm older
It's hard to play
But by your side
I'll always stay

You’ll live much longer
Soon I will go
Your loyal dog
Once best in show

By, Randee Saber 1/2/07
In Memory of Rocky
Poets Northwest Contest
2nd Place Award, 2007