Monday, December 26, 2016

Thank you cards

Thank you cards
For gifts received
When I don’t get
I do get peeved

A gift that’s mailed
I’d like to know
If they got it
A card would show

How hard is it
To write a note
Saying you like
The large banknote

Birthday presents
And bridal showers
A thank you note
Even for flowers

Thank you cards
Handwritten and sent
Even for gifts
You’re not content

An email card
I didn’t expect
A video thank you
I’ll gladly accept

By, Randee Saber 12/26/2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Traffic Jam

The cars are stopped
In one long row
A traffic jam
They cannot go

Just one person
In every car
They sit and wait
They can’t go far

The carpool lane
They cannot take
With just themselves
They can’t partake

The cost of gas
Cannot be split
Cause in their car
They only sit

No restroom stops
No place to eat
Because they're stuck
In  their car seat

So in my car
With room to spare
I'll sit and wait
When I can share

By, Randee Saber  10/17/2016

Friday, September 2, 2016

Seven Wonders of Oregon Trip (August 2016)

Oregon's 7 Wonders
While on a Mayflower tour
Sights I had never seen
Places I got to explore

Mt. Hood was truly amazing
The train ride was lots of fun
Plus I had time to shop
When the ride was done

On a boat ride in Hells Canyon
A dam we got to see
And the Geiser Grand Hotel
Really did relive history

The painted hills were lovely
Smith Rock I liked a lot
If they changed the schedule
More time we would have got

Crater Lake was beautiful
The sand buggies were a thrill
Waterfalls and light houses
Truly fit the bill

A damn good time I had
Aboard a comfortable bus
I mad a few new friends
And the guide dog never Fussed

By, Randee Saber  8/12/16

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Too much baggage

Do you have baggage
Something your regret
A terrible thing
You’ll never forget

Heavy baggage
Or baggage that’s light
But when it’s carried
You don’t feel right

A secret you can’t tell
To a spouse or friend
Because your actions
You cannot defend

You’re weighted down
With this burden you carry
When you think about it
It’s kind of scary

If this baggage gets lost
Be glad that it’s gone
And happier you’ll be
Not to take it along

By, Randee Saber 4/3/2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Frank Sinatra
A Philly guy
Whenever he sang
He made the girls cry

Elvis Presley
His hips would swing
No one had ever
Seen such a thing

The Beatles Invasion
No guns, just songs
Causing an uproar
Among the throngs

Michael Jackson
Did the moon walk
His personal life
Created much talk

Madonna came
Breaking the ice
It was okay for women
To be naughty and nice

We’ve come to adore
Many of whom
Are with us no more

By, Randee Saber written 8/5/06 & revised 3/26/16

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Recycle our clothes
Give to the poor
Recycle our cans
Return to the store

Recycle the food
The stores discard
Putting in dumpsters
In their backyard

Recycle our pets
In shelters they live
While you’re missing out
On the love they give

Recycle belongings
At your garage sale
If you keep prices low
You cannot fail

By, Randee Saber  3/20/2016


We’re polluting the air
We’re polluting the seas
The ground where we walk
And even the trees

We use plastic bottles
To take a drink
When once we used
The kitchen sink

And all of these bottles
Will never decay
Buried in landfills
Quite far away

Paper or plastic
No more can we choose
It’s plastic bags
That can’t be reused

Those baby diapers
Just throw them away
Most don’t use cloth
Much money they’ll pay

Pills you’re not using
Don’t throw down the sink
Not good for the fish
Is this mixed drink

And global warming
Is here to stay
The icebergs are melting
Day after day

By, Randee Saber  3/20/2016

Friday, March 11, 2016

Yesterday, today and tomorrow - a tribute to Robin Williams

A tribute to Robin Williams who took his own life in August 2014

Yesterday a superstar
A funny man you played
You also starred in serious roles
Many talents you displayed

Was everyone unaware
Of depression you endured
The drinking and the drugs you took
Should not have been ignored

Another day you could not live
You were in so much pain
Deciding you must hang yourself
And now who is to blame

So many people were in shock
Surprised at what you’ve done
All that remains are memories
And all the hearts you’ve won

By, Randee Saber  10/12/2014

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Computer Guy

Whenever I need help
I call my computer guy
He’s reliable and honest
And busy you know why

Your computer gets a virus
Or it’s running way too slow
Your printer isn’t working
And to fix it, you don’t know

In fact, he even lives with me
But if I do implore
That I still have a problem
I don’t pay, so he’ll ignore

By, Randee Saber  2/23/2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Accountant for the Government

I’d hate to be an accountant
For the Federal Government
And having to keep track
Of all the money that’s spent

Billions of dollars’ given
To aid in disaster relief
Rebuilding all the homes
Destroyed beyond belief

And millions of dollars spent
To keep the banks from failing
From making bad investments
Their customers were ailing

Millions of dollars’ given
To help other countries in need
But not enough dollars spent
On our people to house and feed

And military spending
Is always out of sight
To countries far away
Our troops will have to fight

Their budget isn't balanced
And the deficit is high
But they'll collect our taxes
Until the day we die

By, Randee Saber  2/8/2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The circus is in town

The circus is in town
No tigers did they bring
No trapeze artists came
Clowns are the only thing

With many circus clowns
Though not in clown attire
And sometimes when they speak
They’re preaching to the choir

The clown who’s in the lead
Will say what’s on his mind
And most of what he says
Is insulting and unkind

The clown that’s close behind
Dislikes the clown on top
Saying he has New York values
When will the fighting stop

The clown who’s in the lead
Says he can take a gun
And shoot and kill a person
And still be number one

But those two circus clowns
On the opposing side
They too are ruthless clowns
And every clown collides

By, Randee Saber 1/28/2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Closing down the Wal-Mart

They’re closing down the Walmart
I think it’s rather sad
They’re closing down the Walmart
They say the economy’s bad

They’re closing down the Walmart
There’s one just down the street
They’re closing down the Walmart
A store where people would greet

They’re closing down the Walmart
They said they have too many
They’re closing down the Walmart
So profits can be plenty

By, Randee Saber  1/19/2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016


You decided to teach
Your children at home
Although you live
Near the school zone

A leisurely breakfast
No rush to get dressed
There’s no competition
When taking a test

No desk to sit at
They’re not at school
Their seat’s at a table
Your seat’s on a stool

No friends to talk to
While on a lunch break
But you’ll go to the park
Feeding ducks in the lake

And so much time
This homeschooling takes
Are the children given
Study hall breaks

You must be lonesome
So your children must stay
At home with you
Since they have no say

By, Randee Saber 1/16/2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Put out to pasture

Who will hire me
When I am fifty-three
A younger gal he’ll want
With breasts that he can see

Experience I have
But really does that matter
The younger girl is slim
And I have gotten fatter

I’ll take most any job
A job that hardly pays
So picky I can’t be
Perhaps I’ll get a raise

Between my aching back
And standing on my feet
I’d rather have a job
Where I can take a seat

They’ll put me out to pasture
When I turn sixty-five
That only is of course
That I am still alive

By, Randee Saber  1/5/2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Who am I working for?

I have a boss at work
This place he doesn’t own
But he’s the one to scold me
When I’m texting on my phone

He always seems so nervous
He has reports to do
His boss is not the owner
So the owner then, is who

They say there’s lots of owners
Who each hold shares of stock
The little guys will work real hard
So the owners won’t go into hock

And those who start a business
Will get money for a loan
If they become successful
They’ll sell out then co-own

For years I've worked for people
None of whom I'll ever meet
Keeping their stock prices high
While standing for hours on my feet

By, Randee Saber 1/2/2016