Thursday, January 28, 2016

The circus is in town

The circus is in town
No tigers did they bring
No trapeze artists came
Clowns are the only thing

With many circus clowns
Though not in clown attire
And sometimes when they speak
They’re preaching to the choir

The clown who’s in the lead
Will say what’s on his mind
And most of what he says
Is insulting and unkind

The clown that’s close behind
Dislikes the clown on top
Saying he has New York values
When will the fighting stop

The clown who’s in the lead
Says he can take a gun
And shoot and kill a person
And still be number one

But those two circus clowns
On the opposing side
They too are ruthless clowns
And every clown collides

By, Randee Saber 1/28/2016