Friday, August 31, 2007

Guilty as Sin

August 2007
Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons Quarterback
Indicted on Dog Fighting Charges

Michael Vick
Now you’re licked

Guilty as Sin
Trouble you’re in

Dogs need protection
As well as affection

Soon you will learn
Money you’ve earned

Won’t set you free
In prison you’ll be

You were a fool
Who knew it was cruel

Those horrible fights
Dogs have rights

Searches each day

And they will find
Dogs treated unkind

But Michael Vick
Charges will stick

Football is banned
You’re no longer grand

Though you’re well known
You’re not all alone

Others weren’t caught
It’s you who they sought

Because of your name
Because of your fame

Guilty as sin
Bad you have been

Those who've done wrong
In jail they belong

By, Randee Saber 8/31/07

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If we could be united

If we could be united
As someone who is one
A lot we would accomplish
So much we could get done

You used to walk for miles
But now you’re in a chair
I used to do a whole lot more
Life has become unfair

Your body may be broken
But your mind is full of spirit
My body seems okay
But my mind is not quite near it

Although it will not happen
We’ll never be just one
We can enjoy our friendship
And accept what we’ve become

By, Randee Saber 5/9/06

A special friendship

I’ve looked at you
For many years
I watched you laugh
And wipe your tears

I watched you grow
I helped you learn
And every day
You would return

You liked to snack
While I was there
I couldn’t eat
You couldn't share

You shopped with me
You learned to cook
You didn't want
To read a book

Suspenseful games
Depressing news
There was a lot
For you to choose

A scary movie
Made you scream
While you napped
I watched you dream

I’ve been your friend
Each night and day
On sleepless nights
By me you’d stay

A bigger screen
You said not yet
Until I break
You will not get

I looked at you
When watching me
I’ve always been
Good company

By, Randee Saber 8/28/07

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hugs and Kisses

You give me hugs and kisses
Whenever I’m with you
You can not be without me
I’m stuck to you like glue

Anytime I'm needed
You know just where I’ll be
There's no place I can hide
You’ll find me easily

You never can refuse me
I put you right at ease
No matter where we are
I always try to please

When I'm between your lips
Your kisses are quite strong
Pressed between your fingers
I can't stay very long

I won't be going home again
You tossed me in the street
As if that wasn’t bad enough
You squished me with your feet

You gave me hugs and kisses
It’s me you did desire
I was having lots of fun
Until I caught on fire

You gave us hugs and kisses
But now you left your wife
You couldn’t kick the habit
That took away your life


By, Randee Saber 8/20/07

I have a Sugar Mama

I have a Sugar Mama
Who makes a lot of money
I hang around the house
Don’t mind if it looks funny

I often sleep till noon
Then work out at the gym
After eating lunch
Her hot tub I'll be in

Before I take a nap
I might go to a bar
Unless I drive around
Showing off my car

No need for me to clean
The maid comes everyday
She washes all my clothes
I'll never have to pay

I’ve nothing much to do
We eat out every night
Because her day is long
We hardly ever fight

I wear expensive clothes
To try and look my best
Don’t want to jeopardize
My comfy little nest

I have a Sugar Mama
The sweetest one I know
When I'm a little older
I know she’ll let me go

By, Randee Saber 8/20/07

I want a Sugar Daddy

I want a Sugar Daddy
I’ll be his loving wife
As long as I am spoiled
We’ll have a perfect life

Because I’m young and pretty
I want to pick and choose
And men who really want me
My needs they won’t refuse

He must have lots of money
A doctor would be great
But if he is a lawyer
I’ll still go on a date

He doesn’t want me working
My Sugar Daddy mate
Instead I’ll start a family
And live on his estate

Some girls are not as fussy
They haven’t time to wait
As years go passing by
It soon will be too late

Perhaps the man they’ll marry
Will one day strike it rich
He’s now a Sugar Daddy
A man I chose to ditch

By, Randee Saber 8/20/07

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What goes up may not come down

The price of gas
The food you buy
A brand new car
Have reached the sky

A college degree
The home you desire
Insurance costs
Keep getting higher

An elevator
A bouncing ball
Go up and down
But that's about all

By, Randee Saber 8/22/07

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Queen of Mean

Leona Helmsley, died August 20, 2007
Together with her late husband Harry, they owned many New York hotels and buildings including the Empire State Building. She was called “The Queen of Mean” and was once quoted as saying “Only the little people pay taxes." She served 18 months in prison after her trial in 1989 for tax evasion.

Sugar and spice
And everything nice
Girls have to be
Or they’ll pay the price

“The Queen of Mean”
She was well know
A chain of hotels
She happened to own

When she was charged
With tax evasion
Employees came
For this occasion

Saying Leona
Was ruthless and mean
The rich don’t pay taxes
They quoted the queen

Women in power
Should be aware
They need to be nice
Although it's unfair

Plenty of men
Are ruthless and mean
At their employees
They’ll often scream

Snakes and snails
And puppy dog tails
It’s okay for boys
To be tough as nails

By, Randee Saber 8/21/07

Monday, August 20, 2007

Evil Deeds

July 24, 2007
Murder of Doctor’s Family:
Wife and two daughters in
suburban Connecticut
after a vicious attack and then
setting their house on fire, the
doctor managed to survive.

You’re going to prison
Because you were caught
Killing those people
A Bible you’ve brought

You’re going to prison
For quite a long time
Because you committed
That heinous crime

You’re going to prison
You were on parole
You haven’t reformed
You’re out of control

You’re going to prison
You tortured and raped
Burning their home
While you escaped

You’re going to prison
A place you just left
Not for murder
But petty theft

Back to prison
You’ll now return
Because a life sentence
You chose to earn

By, Randee Saber

Wedding Vows

Are you still with
Your very first wife
Will you be together
For the rest of your life

How is she doing
Did she become lame
Does she have dementia
Or is she insane

You’ve been with her
Through thick and thin
It never mattered
What shape she was in

Are you still with
Your very first man
Who’s been your spouse
Within your life span

How is he doing
Did he become lame
Does he have dementia
Or is he insane

You’ve been with him
Through thick and thin
It never mattered
What shape he was in

In sickness and health
Till death you will part
Your vows were recited
With all of your heart

By, Randee Saber 8/20/07

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cycling when you're bi-polar

I’m cycling up a hill
The ride is such a thrill

As I approach the top
It’s hard for me to stop

I can’t remain there long
It’s where I can go wrong

Then cycle down once more
Just like I've done before

And cycle up again
But never knowing when

By, Randee Saber 8/19/07

What are you complaining about?

You complain when it’s cold
You complain when it’s hot
You also complain
When it rain’s a lot

You complain there’s a drought
You complain there’s no snow
Or not enough wind
For your sailboat to go

You complain about hail
And the dents in your car
Plus the flooded street
Surrounding your car

Complain all you want
If it makes you feel better
But you have no control
Over the weather

By, Randee Saber 8/19/07

When you look at me, what do you see?

Do you look at me with kindness
Do you look at me with shame
Do you look at me with envy
Do you look at me with blame

Do you see that I’m alone
Do you see that I’m depressed
Do you see that I’m afraid
Do you see that I’m oppressed

Do you look at me with wisdom
Do you look at me with fear
Do you look at me with caution
Do you look at me with cheer

Do you see that I’m fatigued
Do you see that I’m confused
Do you see that I’m rejected
Do you see that I’m abused

When I look at you I'm worried
When I look at you I’m sad
What I see is that you're selfish
What I see is that you're bad

By, Randee Saber 7/30/07

Attempted Suicide

On a warm day in September
I thought I had a plan
I bought a lot of pills
And placed them in my hand

In my car, these pills I swallowed
At a park where I had driven
In a spot quite far away
Out of sight, that’s a given

But I started getting scared
That I would die alone
So I started up my car
Thinking I could die at home

But I didn’t die that day
My life, my husband saved
He called the paramedics
Who said I misbehaved

When I think about that day
I remember what was done
That tube put down my throat
Much pain had just begun

My hands were full of needles
They had to use IV’s
To get my body healthy
They took good care of me

The nurses weren’t friendly
They had no sympathy
For someone suicidal
They need more empathy

But I will understand
If suicide you choose
I know just how you feel
Like me, you were confused

By, Randee Saber 5/30/06

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Level the playing field

We're off and running
To see the men play
And never the women
No matter what day

The women you see
Are cheering the teams
Out on the field
While everyone screams

It’s really unfair
Aren’t you aware
The playing field
Both sexes should share

But who would attend
An all women’s game
They won’t draw a crowd
It's really a shame

When off-season comes
Women should use
A playing field
That they can choose

By, Randee Saber 8/18/07

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's raining cats and dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs
Has the cat got your tongue
Our kittens are taking a cat nap
Because they’re very young

Pussy willows are in my vase
Over there’s a dogwood tree
On a dog day afternoon
Underneath I’d like to be

It's best to let sleeping dogs lie
They're nothing but copy cats
You’re still the cat’s meow
So let them chase the rats

It’s a dog- eat- dog world
But you can’t be a scardy cat
The world's going to the dogs
Doggone it, that's that

By, Randee Saber 8/16/07

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm a lucky dog

I'll eat chicken
When its finger lick-in

I'll eat meat
When I’m by your feet

I'll eat scraps
When they fall from laps

And food in a can
Or a frying pan

You’ll just eat a bowl of rice
Because it’s not a real high price

You’ll just eat a boiled potato
Not some lettuce and tomato

You’ll just eat a bowl of hash
Because you have so a little cash

You don’t have enough to eat
Now you can't stand upon your feet

I’m a lucky dog it’s true
But how can a dog feel sorry for you

By, Randee Saber 8/15/07

You're Fired

Here’s your pink slip
We’re letting you go
A robot replaced you
Didn’t you know

Younger people
We’ve chosen to hire
Those who are old
We have to fire

We had to downsize
Your job’s gone away
It’s now overseas
And there to stay

The company’s bankrupt
The boss was a crook
And pension funds
Of course he took

Your job has ended
No need to be said
The towers collapsed
Your colleagues are dead

By, Randee Saber 8/15/07

Do you have a pet

Do you have a dog
Do you have a cat
Or maybe you have
A little white rat

Do you have a rabbit
Do you have a bird
One that recites
Every word

Do you have a hamster
Do you have fish
Swimming around
Swish, swish, swish

Do you have a lizard
Do you have a snake
Not a good pet
Will these two make

By, Randee Saber 8/15/07

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The British Invasion

They crossed the ocean
Appeared on TV
The Ed Sullivan Show
Millions would see

A different look
This group had
Longer hair
Parents got mad

Teen-age girls
Loved them the most
To see them perform
Who wouldn't boast

The screaming was loud
Their singing unheard
When playing their songs
You knew every word

As time marched on
A modern look
Those fancy suits
Off they took

Their hair got longer
They sang better songs
Until Yoko Ono
They all got along

A shot in the dark
John Lennon was dead
No Beatles reunion
Tears were shed

The British invasion
The Beatles came
Quite a legend
They became

By, Randee Saber 8/4/06

Cats of many colors

Look at all our faces
Don't we look the same
We’re cats of many colors
And share a common name

Our hair is long or short
We’re black and white and grey
Our food is in a dish
So mice won’t be our prey

We wander through the night
But sleep when it is day
And when we’re little kittens
We really like to play

Some cats are very friendly
But others like to fight
You can hear them fighting
When they’re out at night

Dogs will irritate us
They don’t know what we are
And when they try to chase us
We’ll hide beneath a car

We recognize each other
We know we’re all the same
We’re cats of many colors
Domestic cause we’re tame

By, Randee Saber 5/10/07

Monday, August 13, 2007

No security - no more loyalty

There’s no security
In the workplace anymore
You won’t work there for life
They’ll kick you out the door

The company you’re with
Won’t need you anymore
When work goes overseas
Your job goes to the poor

More profits they will gain
Those foreigners work cheap
They’ll send your work to them
Your job you cannot keep

There’s no more loyalty
In the workplace anymore
Employees want more money
They’ll leave if offered more

But who can really blame them
They have to do what’s best
Earn money when they’re young
Be better than the rest

To climb the corporate ladder
They won’t stay in one place
They’ll keep on changing jobs
As if they’re in a race

No farewell parting gifts
Employees didn’t stay
Some left for better jobs
Some jobs just went away

By, Randee Saber 6/4/06

Swimming in the ocean

To swim in the ocean
I really did like
I used to live close
I'd ride my bike

The water’s refreshing
The waves are rough
I’d rest on the sand
When I had enough

Gathering seashells
Large and small
I'd bring them home
And paint them all

Back to the ocean
I had to go in
For one final swim
Soon school would begin

By, Randee Saber 6/30/06

Sunday, August 12, 2007

White Supremist

Shame on you
For taking up space
You’re not fit to live
With the human race

Spending your time
Making a list
Of those you hate
And shouldn’t exist

A white supremist
Is what you proclaim
Shaving your head
And seeking fame

Who influenced you
To act this way
Hating those you dislike
Who work everyday

You may be white
But you’re not supreme
You’re just a looser
Who’s very mean

You scratch my back, I won't scratch yours

You scratch my back
I won’t scratch yours
Because I’m a dog
I walk on all fours

I love to be petted
I’ll lie on my back
So you’ll rub my tummy
Your love I don’t lack

It calms you, it sooths you
When you’re petting me
Your blood pressure drops
Its good therapy

I can’t scratch your back
I can lick your face
And I'll follow you
All over the place

By, Randee Saber 7/9/06

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Save the best for last

I used to save
The best for last
When I was young
And in the past

I’d eat a cupcake
Upside down
Then eat the icing
When turned around

Whenever I ate
A piece of cake
The icing would be
The last bite I’d take

Sometimes the best
Is not always last
When I eat pizza
The crust I'll pass

By, Randee Saber 6/30/06

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


It's time for me to go to bed
I’ll get eight hours sleep
Because I have too many thoughts
Into my mind they creep

I'm certain there's a reason
Why thoughts get in my head
I often have so many dreams
That sleeping I will dread

I’ll go to different places
Places that are new
And I'll get to stay there
Until the dream is through

When I have a nightmare
I’ll say it’s just a dream
Even if it’s frightening
I’ve never had to scream

Waking up is difficult
Because I’m very tired
I kept so busy in my sleep
That more sleep is desired

It will become my bedtime
I’ll go to sleep tonight
I’m sure I’ll have another dream
A good dream or a fright

By, Randee Saber 6/27/06

Money, I hope it lasts

It’s time to spend my money
Today I just got paid
I need to do some shopping
With the funds I made

Paychecks never last
I have my rent to pay
Plus payments on a car
For me to use each day

Bills are overwhelming
No end to what I need
Especially with children
I’ve many mouths to feed

The prices keep on rising
And rising to the top
Gas is so expensive
When will it ever stop

But I think I’m lucky
I don’t live on the street
I eat three meals a day
With nice shoes on my feet

Bill Gates donates to charity
There’s billions he can spend
If he'd like to give me some
I'll be his new best friend

The younger generation
It seems will live in debt
Paying off their college loans
I hope they’re not upset

The older generation
Must make their money last
If they're in a nursing home
Their money runs out fast

As long as I'm alive
My money will be spent
But with the cost of living
I haven't saved a cent

By, Randee Saber 7/1/06

When it comes to money

When it comes to money, no one’s your friend
They’re jealous of you
And what you can spend

When it comes to money, no one’s your friend
If they ask for money
Don't give them or lend

When it comes to money, no one’s your friend
How you spend your money
May often offend

When it comes to money, no one’s your friend
Donations they'll seek
Telling you where to send

When it comes to money, no one’s your friend
They may seem to like you
It might be pretend

When it comes to money, no one’s your friend
But if they have money
The friendship will blend

By, Randee Saber 6/12/06

Monday, August 6, 2007

Me, Myself and I

Me, myself and I
We wave and say hi
We try hard not to cry

We always share our food
We're never mean or rude
We've never had a feud

We travel everywhere
We sit in the same chair
We've seen each other bare

Me, myself and I
We'll never say goodbye
Together we will die

By, Randee Saber 6/7/07

Forgot what I was going to say

I had a thought
I had something to say
It no longer mattered
The thought went away

I was distracted
And lost this thought
I tried to remember
So hard I fought

Was it important
And did it matter
I can’t believe
My thought would scatter

Soon I’ll remember
What I had to say
As you leave the room
And you walk away

By, Randee Saber 6/30/06

Time heals all wounds

Time heals all wounds
I think it’s untrue
And shouldn’t refer
To me and you

Wounds leave scars
On your body and mind
It’s hard to forget
When someone’s unkind

The loss of a leg
An arm or an eye
Can never be healed
It’s obvious why

All wounds won’t heal
With the passage of time
Like torturing those
Who committed no crime

By, Randee Saber 8/6/07

You do have compassion

Don’t be too nice
Don’t be too fair
What you have earned
You don’t have to share

Think of the rich
Get rid of the poor
Tear down their homes
That’s progress, for sure

You need to exploit
Those who are weak
Who lack the power
And can not speak

You must be ruthless
Because you are greedy
Show no concern
For those who are needy

You do have compassion
I must confess
At a charity ball
In your $1,000 dress

By, Randee Saber 1/28/06

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday is Church Day

Sunday is the day
When people often pray
At a church nearby
Because they’re off that day

Even when they’re tired
They force themselves to go
It’s a Sunday habit
The only one they know

Alone or with their family
They’ll listen to the preacher
Who speaks of loving-kindness
And is their Sunday teacher

When people are in need
The church will open doors
Reaching out to others
Putting cots on floors

Churches feed the hungry
They also clothe the poor
They maintain a food bank
A free convenience store

The singles go to dances
At church they’d rather meet
Instead of taking chances
With someone on the street

In need of food or prayers
You're welcome at my church
Our doors are always open
No need for you to search

By, Randee Saber 6/30/06

Actions speak louder than words

You say that I’m your friend
But won’t return my call
A kind of friend like you
I do not need at all

You say that I’m your friend
But think you have to know
The money that I have
So I say you must go

You say that I’m your friend
But when I was depressed
You avoided me
To help me, you’d protest

You say that I’m your friend
But you’ve excluded me
To be with other people
That's where you choose to be

A friend returns a call
And takes you to the mall

Doesn’t care about your money
Stays with you when days aren't sunny

It must be give and take
Or the friendship’s just a fake

By, Randee Saber 8/4/07