Sunday, August 19, 2007

Attempted Suicide

On a warm day in September
I thought I had a plan
I bought a lot of pills
And placed them in my hand

In my car, these pills I swallowed
At a park where I had driven
In a spot quite far away
Out of sight, that’s a given

But I started getting scared
That I would die alone
So I started up my car
Thinking I could die at home

But I didn’t die that day
My life, my husband saved
He called the paramedics
Who said I misbehaved

When I think about that day
I remember what was done
That tube put down my throat
Much pain had just begun

My hands were full of needles
They had to use IV’s
To get my body healthy
They took good care of me

The nurses weren’t friendly
They had no sympathy
For someone suicidal
They need more empathy

But I will understand
If suicide you choose
I know just how you feel
Like me, you were confused

By, Randee Saber 5/30/06