Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Money, I hope it lasts

It’s time to spend my money
Today I just got paid
I need to do some shopping
With the funds I made

Paychecks never last
I have my rent to pay
Plus payments on a car
For me to use each day

Bills are overwhelming
No end to what I need
Especially with children
I’ve many mouths to feed

The prices keep on rising
And rising to the top
Gas is so expensive
When will it ever stop

But I think I’m lucky
I don’t live on the street
I eat three meals a day
With nice shoes on my feet

Bill Gates donates to charity
There’s billions he can spend
If he'd like to give me some
I'll be his new best friend

The younger generation
It seems will live in debt
Paying off their college loans
I hope they’re not upset

The older generation
Must make their money last
If they're in a nursing home
Their money runs out fast

As long as I'm alive
My money will be spent
But with the cost of living
I haven't saved a cent

By, Randee Saber 7/1/06