Friday, September 2, 2016

Seven Wonders of Oregon Trip (August 2016)

Oregon's 7 Wonders
While on a Mayflower tour
Sights I had never seen
Places I got to explore

Mt. Hood was truly amazing
The train ride was lots of fun
Plus I had time to shop
When the ride was done

On a boat ride in Hells Canyon
A dam we got to see
And the Geiser Grand Hotel
Really did relive history

The painted hills were lovely
Smith Rock I liked a lot
If they changed the schedule
More time we would have got

Crater Lake was beautiful
The sand buggies were a thrill
Waterfalls and light houses
Truly fit the bill

A damn good time I had
Aboard a comfortable bus
I mad a few new friends
And the guide dog never Fussed

By, Randee Saber  8/12/16