Saturday, January 6, 2007


Everyone loves cheesecake
They’re not too hard to make
Combine a few ingredients
To mix and then to bake

When you want dessert
You know which one to choose
If cheesecake’s on the menu
It’s too hard to refuse

Chocolate cake and apple pie
Plus several ice cream flavors
Are desserts you like to eat
But cheesecake you do favor

A little slice of cheesecake
Will cost you several dollars
You can make it cheaper
You needn’t be a scholar

All you need is cream cheese
The recipes are plenty
You can make a cheesecake
Serving very many

Strawberries or Cherries
With whip cream on the top
Will make your cheesecake tastier
To eat, you will not stop

When your cheesecake’s ready
Call some friends to taste
I’m sure they’ll love your cheesecake
None will go to waste

By, Randee Saber 6/18/06