Friday, January 5, 2007

Enemies now friends

We fought the Indians
We won the war
On reservations
They were very poor

Casinos helped them
Make a living
To reservations
We now keep giving

We fought the British
For independence
No longer needing
Their dependence

We got disgusted
Threw out their tea
But now we drink it

We fought the Mexicans
Who owned the land
Now Tex-Mex food
Is in demand

We fought the Japs
The Germans too
But not the Russians
In World War 2

Cars and TV’s
Are made in Japan
Became their plan

In South Vietnam
We fought a long war
We pulled out hoping
No wars anymore

Those who fled
Came to our shores
Many have opened
Nail salon stores

Another war
Far away in Iraq
Our sons and daughters
Are under attack

When this war ends
What will they do
Will Iraqis’ move here
And make their debut

All of this bloodshed
It seems, never ends
Perhaps in my lifetime
We can all be friends

By, Randee Saber 7/3/06