Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Off the hook

Enron founder died
on July 5, 2006
at the age of 64
of a heart attack
two months after
being convicted of
conspiracy & fraud
He was awaiting

You lucked out
You’re off the hook
You won’t go to jail
Though you were a crook

Guilty as charged
The jury said
But no jail time
Because you’re dead

Is this justice
You’re no longer living
And serving time
You won’t be giving

The stressfulness
Of your situation
Caused you to have
Much aggravation

You had a long time
To contemplate
If you’d go to trial
You had a long wait

Your lawyers are sad
The money has ceased
Because you have
Become deceased

You won’t have to wait
For that sentencing date
But you already knew
Your impending fate

He’s fallen again
He’s not coming back
The tycoon has had
A heart attack

By, Randee Saber 7/5/06