Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why did you get a Chihuahua

Why did you get a Chihuahua
There are dogs of many breeds
This dog can not protect you
How does it fill your needs

How far can this dog walk
I’m sure it does get tired
Refusing to continue
So carrying is required

And do you feel secure
When strangers come to call
They'll see this little dog
Who scares no one at all

Does it play fetch the ball
And does it know some tricks
I’m sure like other dogs
It's private parts it licks

This teeny, tiny dog
Be careful not to squash
And when collecting laundry
Be careful not to wash

It doesn’t eat too much
Less dog food you will buy
When sitting near the table
Your food you can't deny

And just like other dogs
It messes on the grass
But it will go unnoticed
Whenever people pass

These dog are very brave
When big dogs do come near
They will not run away
Because they have no fear

Those who like Chihuahuas
I needn't wonder why
But any pet you get
Adopt before you buy

By, Randee Saber 3/22/07