Sunday, May 16, 2010

Your loss, my gain

You left me behind
I had no worth
The little boy
You’d given birth

Your mother raised me
All on her own
From when I was small
Until I was grown

Grandma was strict
And tanned my hide
If I misbehaved
And when I lied

No visits from Mom
Or birthday cards
No letters sent
With best regards

I was an athlete
And I did excel
In every sport
I played very well

Talent scouts came
From many schools
Seeing me play
And breaking the rules

Enticed with money
Along with a car
They made me feel
Like a superstar

I went to college
Played on their team
Was more than a dream

I bought her a home
And grandma cried
Asking for nothing
She had her pride

My mom came back
To make amends
I have my own family
And lots of friends

It’s too late now
Mom has returned
I’ll give her nothing
From what I’ve earned

By, Randee Saber 5/16/10