Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the name of religion

They said in the name of religion
Could allow them to do bad deeds
Chopping off someone’s head
In spite of many pleas

Back in ancient biblical times
As a new religion begins
They called the prophet Jesus
Who protects us from our sins

Muslims, Christians, Jews
Have problems to this day
Of trying to live harmoniously
And not be in anyone’s way

It doesn’t seem to matter
When keeping to themselves
They’ll round you up and kill you
No matter if anyone tells

There’s Mormons in our country
Who have a lot of wives
Men will marry teen-age girls
This practice is unwise

We can not forget 9/11
In the year 2001
Three planes flew into buildings
And no one had a gun

The act of Arab extremists
Planning this for a long time
As part of their religion
Allowing them to do this crime

And when you're just a baby
Your religion is chosen for you
If you marry outside your religion
Your family might say its taboo

When seeking a new religion
It shouldn’t be a fake
Be careful not to join a cult
It could be a big mistake

If religion preaches kindness
And love for one another
Then why is there still bloodshed
And hatred for each other

By, Randee Saber 5/10/06