Friday, May 30, 2008

Wait staff

They'll order their drinks
The specials today
I have to recite them
By heart each day

Three or four tables
And oftentimes more
Whoever I’m serving
I mustn't ignore

I have to be friendly
I lift heavy trays
It’s part of my job
I won’t get a raise

When taking their orders
I do so with ease
A difficult person
I’ll try hard to please

Their meat is too raw
Their soup isn’t hot
I don’t get upset
It happens a lot

More napkins they need
Their drinks I'll refill
I need to wipe up
Whatever they spill

Their table is cleared
And some want coffee
The tray of desserts
They all want to see

My table is leaving
Their bill has been paid
I’m looking to see
How much I made

In fancier restaurants
The tips will be higher
We're all working hard
And would like to retire

By, Randee Saber 5/30/08