Friday, May 16, 2008

Huntwick - Our Retreat

Rockfish, Carrabba’s
And Taipei
As you leave Huntwick
They’re not far away

Serves you Fajitas
Even the Outback
Has Margaritas

La Madeline
Has pastry to buy
Has great pizza pie

Grab a sandwich
At Jason’s Deli
Or put a Subway
In your belly

Early morning
Or late at night
Pancakes at I-Hop
Are quite a delight

Sample the flavors
At Ben and Jerry’s
Cold Stone gives you
Ice cream with cherries

Living in Huntwick
Is our retreat
With great food to eat
Just down the street

By, Randee Saber 5/15/08

As of this year 2008, I've lived in Huntiwck for 20 years.
It's a beautiful subdivision in northwest Houston that's
situated off a major road, FM 1960, however, once you
enter Huntwick, you leave all that behind. Although
Huntwick is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, there's
many restaurants and great shopping right outside the subdivision.