Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little baby you're not aware

Asleep in mommy’s belly
How could you be aware
That you’re a wanted baby
The answer to a prayer

Most mothers eat real healthy
And wouldn’t smoke or drink
But those who harm their baby
Don’t care what people think

And what about those young girls
Who get pregnant the first time
When there are married couples
Not conceiving in their prime

Eventually these babies
Will be making their debut
Some parents know the sex
Some parents never knew

Perhaps the little baby
Is born to someone wealthy
Of course it’s just important
For the baby to be healthy

A crack addicted infant
Whose mother is unfit
She says sworn off dope
But knows she can’t commit

And what about those babies
Whose mothers will confirm
They do not have a father
He just donated sperm

Beginning in a test tube
Not carried by its mother
The money she’ll get paid
She just may have another

Unmarried teenage girls
Are no longer sent away
Because there is no stigma
Or adopting if you’re gay

You precious little boy or girl
Your sex she does not care
A new addition to her life
Much love she has to share

By, Randee Saber 8/30/09