Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't abandon your dog

You called my name
To go for a ride
And so I sat
Right by your side

And after a while
You stopped the car
I didn’t know where
We must have gone far

You let me out
But you didn’t stay
You left me alone
Now I was a stray

Without any food
How could I survive
Didn’t you care
When taking this drive

For years I had been
Your loyal friend
Plus your home
I’d always defend

It might have been better
To go to the pound
With other dogs
That had been found

You left me alone
Near a trailer park
Where I wandered
Alone in the dark

No comfy place
For me to lie
I’m here alone
And wondering why

A friendly dog
I was your pet
A healthy dog
Avoiding the vet

The trailer folks
Were very kind
Their table scraps
I didn’t mind

One day in the rain
And chilly weather
Another stray came
And we stayed together

Your loveable dog
But you were unkind
Abandoning me
Were you out of your mind

By, Randee Saber 8/25/09