Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You're fat enough right now

You’re fat enough right now
You really love to eat
You weigh 400 pounds
And you can break a seat

You frequent Chinese buffets
A favorite place for you
And many plates of food
You’ll certainly accrue

You’re fat enough right now
Are you just unaware
Of what you have become
I guess you just don’t care

Your body’s way too big
For jeans and stylish clothes
Because the more you eat
Your body grows and grows

Your family's quite concerned
They try to give advice
You’re able to lose weight
You’ve even lost it twice

You’d like to meet a lady
And go out on a date
Because you are too heavy
You’re not an ideal mate

You can't ignore the staring
You're smaller than a whale
Your doctor's also told you
Your health will surely fail

You’re shortening your life span
If you don’t limit eating
And join a group of others
At a Weight Watchers meeting

By, Randee Saber 4/27/06