Saturday, November 15, 2008

The North and the South

The North or the South
The East or the West
Is there a place
You like the best

From North to South
From coast to coast
The smaller cities
You'll find the most

Those in the North
Are tired of snow
Their winters can be
At least ten below

Those in the South
Can’t stand the heat
Inside their homes
They will retreat

Canadian neighbors
Living up North
Crossing our borders
Back and forth

Does anyone question
When they choose to stay
If they're illegal
Are they sent away

Our Mexican neighbors
Are not welcome here
Crossing the border
They do live in fear

Mexican workers
Will mow your yard
And fix your roof
They work very hard

Because they’re illegal
They can’t be hired
If it becomes known
They will get fired

The South when it’s cold
The North when it’s hot
A home in each place
I’d like that a lot

By, Randee Saber 11/15/08