Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My parents in their Golden Years

When my parents married
They were very young
Dad was still in college
When he had a little son

The baby’s name was Dennis
A famous TV name
Dennis was the menace
And my brother’s claim to fame

They lived in Philadelphia
A row house they had bought
Now called condominiums
And spacious they are not

Wishing for a little girl
To complete their family
Their wish was to be granted
The second child was me

I can’t believe that to this day
People still ask me
Does Randee end in Y or I
And I will say “EE”

The year that I turned 9 years old
My grandparents lived near us
We moved to Margate City
And I put up a fuss

It wasn't long before we left
To go our separate ways
My parents moved to Florida
To soak up the sun’s rays

They also bought a summer home
It’s at the Jersey shore
So they can escape Florida's heat
Who could ask for anything more

Baseball, bridge and boating
Are things they do enjoy
Plus they like to volunteer
It gives them so much joy

They may have gotten older
But youthful they still are
Back and forth to Florida
My dad still drives his car

By, Randee Saber 4/23/06