Friday, August 15, 2008

Have a ball

There are numerous games
To be played with a ball
Just kick it and throw it
Or hit off a wall

Balls that are different
Will keep us amused
If you’re playing tennis
New balls should be used

Baseballs and footballs
One’s round and one’s not
When playing each game
These balls must be caught

You can play with a ball
On a white sandy beach
Or in a deep pool
So your feet can’t reach

You can play on a field
You can play on a horse
You can play on a court
Or a fancy golf course

If you kick the ball hard
You might score a goal
If you’re using a putter
Tap the ball in the hole

You can slam dunk the ball
But you have to be tall
Being safe at home plate
Is the umpire's call

You must pick up your ball
At the start of a frame
Although it is heavy
You must try to aim

You can walk to your ball
But most like to ride
Parking their golf carts
Off to the side

Keep your eye on the ball
In the game that you choose
If you don’t pay attention
Then surely you’ll lose

By, Randee Saber 8/15/08