Friday, August 22, 2008

Famous couples

Adam and Eve
Were the first to arrive
With the help of God
They would survive

In the Garden of Eden
They soon would eat
Forbidden fruit
Cause they wanted a treat

Although they were warned
They made a mistake
In the Garden of Eden
They'd no longer partake

Sampson was told
If he cut his hair
He’d lose his strength
So he should beware

Betrayed by Delilah
Who when she knew
She’d get lots of money
From Sampson's hairdo

After his haircut
Delilah would know
Sampson’s great strength
Within him would flow

Romeo, Juliet
Wherefore art thee
Away from their parents
They tried to flee

Star crossed lovers
Portrayed in this play
Not seeing each other
They couldn’t obey

Taking their lives
At the very end
This family feud
Would never mend

President Clinton
Could no longer hide
He had an affair
Which he denied

A pretty young intern
He hardly knew
What Monica said
Was really true

It hurt his career
For only a while
Fooling around
Is Bill's lifestyle

By, Randee Saber 8/22/08