Friday, October 26, 2007

Out of the ashes

Late October 2007, San Diego wildfires raged out of control causing an area of more than twice the size of New Your City to burn. There were sixteen active fires from Los Angeles County to the Mexican border. Five hundred thousand people were forced to evacuate and many of those allowed to return have found their homes destroyed but their neighbors' homes were okay. Two thousand homes and one hundred and eighty commercial buildings were destroyed or damaged. Twelve thousand firefighters battled the flames. The death toll was minimal. Arson is being investigated.

The fires came
In their path
They would lay claim

Fires given
Different names
Came to play
Their deadly games

No mementos
Could they take
Knowing lives
Would be at stake

Santa Ana
Winds would blow
Fires raged
An orange glow

Skies were filled
With acrid smoke
Thick enough
To nearly choke

Seeking shelter
Those who fled
Had to leave
Their cozy bed

Had the skills
Dragging hoses
Up steep hills

Homes were spared
Homes were burned
Was concerned

Heaps of rubble
Nothing left
Fire caused
This major theft

Homes rebuilt
Just like before
Never knowing
What's in store

By, Randee Saber 10/26/07