Friday, July 27, 2007

Now I lay me down to sleep

July 24, 2007 Connecticut family, mother and two teen-age daughters brutally attacked and killed in their home. Father, a prominent physician, specializing in Diabetes survives after being beaten and thrown into the basement.

Now I lay me
Down to sleep
I pray the lord
My safety keep

I’ll lock the doors
And windows too
No way a robber
Could get through

My home alarm
I’ll surely set
A great big dog
I’ll also get

Never warned
About the night
When terror caused
Their helpless plight

Safe and sound
Upon their beds
Pillows tucked
Beneath their heads

Amongst the screams
They laugh and talk
Inside their rooms
Both men will walk

Throughout the night
In fear and abused
They wouldn't see
Tomorrow's news

The scum of the earth
Who wouldn't reform
Because of this crime
They chose to perform

If I should die
Before I wake
Those who’ve killed
Their lives please take

By, Randee Saber 7/26/07