Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I hate fashion shows and showers

I hate fashion shows
How immature
Grown up ladies
Wearing haute couture

They’re modeling clothes
Do I really care
What’s in style
And I need to wear

Changing their outfits
While we wait
To see the clothes
That are up-to-date

I hate bridal showers
Another long wait
While the bride opens gifts
For her and her mate

Surrounded by gifts
Will she like mine
I see it’s still standing
Waiting in line

Pots and pans
We all take a look
China and crystal
Will this bride cook

It takes a few hours
A bridal shower
At least we had
Good food to devour

I hate baby showers
There’s no mystery
A boy or a girl
That’s history

Those silly games
They make you play
For entertainment
Or so they say

So many gifts
To open and see
No need to go
On a shopping spree

Adorable outfits
Babies are chic
Dressed in clothes
From a baby boutique

What the heck
I guess they’re okay
What else would I do
To kill a day

By, Randee Saber 9/30/06