Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Heavenly Father

When I first learned about God
It was when I was a youth
I belived he did exist
I was sure it was the truth

God created the Universe
They said in just 6 days
On the 7th day he rested
But no one gave him praise

After God created Adam
Eve soon became his wife
And they would be together
Forever in their life

They lived in the Garden of Eden
But ate the forbidden fruit
Being warned not to eat it
God said they'd have to scoot

God is our Heavenly Father
He told us how to behave
Stating the Ten Commandments
To Moses these rules he gave

Why was God just watching
Those who've done no wrong
In chambers filled with gas
Being told they don't belong

Those who never go to church
Can still pray anywhere
In restaurants before eating
Some people recite a prayer

"Thank God" and "God Bless You"
People will often say
They'll even say, " I'll pray for you"
Concern they will convey

"One Nation Under God"
We pledge our allegiance to
But those in doubt of God
Won't agree with this point of view

By, Randee Saber 10/22/10