Sunday, October 17, 2010

Get a good night's sleep

We need to get our sleep at night
But some sleep when its day
They’ll keep their curtains closed
So out the light will stay

Some people like to sleep a lot
While others don’t need much
When I miss the morning news
I feel I’m out of touch

Animals that hibernate
It’s like their sleep vacation
But people can not hibernate
They’d suffer from starvation

Cats will want to sleep all day
And then stay out at night
We say that they’re nocturnal
And often they will fight

The naps they call siestas
In countries people rest
They take them in the afternoon
That’s when they think its best

Those who cannot sleep at night
Sleeping pills they'll take
Counting sheep just won't work
They'll still be wide awake

Don't stay out too late at night
Your sleep do not deprive
And if you're really tired
Be certain you don't drive

By, Randee Saber 10/17/10