Friday, December 25, 2009

Why do you want to live

You’re behind bars
Confined to death row
For heinous crimes
They won’t let you go

A cell that’s too small
A commode and a sink
Once a week showers
Soon after you’ll stink

Time’s running out
No more appeals
Years spent in jail
Eating horrible meals

You still want to live
I don't know why
You killed someone
But are scared to die

You fought in a war
And lost your leg
Don’t amputate
They heard you beg

A hero they say
Now missing a limb
He's not giving up
He says life's not grim

The Nazi’s took power
In World War 2
What a terrible time
To be a Jew

Beaten and starved
Sent to be gassed
Some of the strong
Were able to last

Families scattered
Most of them died
Some of the lucky
Were able to hide

Those who survived
Did not want to die
To tell their story
They say that’s why

A middle-aged lady
Fighting depression
Does not want to live
It’s her confession

Not able to function
As she had in the past
No friends will call her
She's now an outcast

By, Randee Saber 12/25/09