Friday, December 18, 2009

Nice Jewish Girl

A nice Jewish girl
When I was young
Many Jewish girls
I once was among

When Chanukah came
There’d be no tree
And just a menorah
With candles to see

One or two presents
I would receive
Not one for each night
As some may believe

As I got older
I asked for a tree
And lights on the house
But that wouldn’t be

Exchanging presents
With a non Jewish friend
Enjoying the season
That quickly would end

Christmas carols
Were sung at school
Some schools won’t allow
It’s now the new rule

A gentile boy
I could never date
A Jewish boy
Had to be my mate

It wasn’t until
My much later years
I learned of the Nazis
And had many fears

I learned about Hitler
And what he had done
Killing six million Jews
Most couldn’t outrun

Ann Frank’s diary
Made me upset
Her family in hiding
Being found was a threat

I’m a grown woman
But reluctant to tell
People I’m Jewish
We’re not liked too well

In the suburbs of Houston
It’s been hard to find
Friends that are Jewish
Though I don’t mind

My neighbor is Jewish
How lucky to meet
One Jewish family
On the same street

Suicide bombings
The Arabs will choose
They don’t value life
Plus they hate the Jews

Our President says
There’s a good rapport
With the Israelis
Who he won’t ignore

By, Randee Saber 5/28/06