Thursday, September 4, 2008


I like to shop a lot for clothes
To wear the current styles
The major stores are all nearby
I do not drive for miles

I try hard not to stop and stare
At those who wear odd clothes
And I think models look bizarre
On runway fashion shows

I like to shop at discount stores
Ross is my favorite one
As soon as I go in the store
My search has just begun

At Wal-Mart I will also shop
Though people that I know
Say all their items they import
So this store they won't go

The Dollar stores I really like
Their prices can’t be beat
A dollar for a greeting card
It’s really quite a treat

Garage sales are a great pastime
I just might spot a treasure
It doesn't matter what it's worth
A bargain gives me pleasure

My house is really cluttered now
With all my neighbors’ stuff
I can't give up garage sales
Although I've bought enough

I'm cutting back on buying clothes
And when I have too many
I’ll donate them to charity
For those with hardly any

One final thing I have to say
To every discount store
Please try and stay in business
Keep building more and more

By, Randee Saber 4/30/06