Sunday, April 20, 2008

I use to be....but now I am

I used to run a company
Until one day they said
They needed someone younger
To do my job instead

But now I drive a yellow bus
That hardly pays the bills
It gives me spending money
Plus, my idle time it fills

I used to be the owner
Of a store that sold fine wine
Until the competition came
That store could not be mine

But now I have to volunteer
It keeps me occupied
Since no one else will hire me
Believe me, I have tried

I used to be President
I had a lot of power
Until I got so darned confused
And didn’t want to shower

But now I’m in a nursing home
Because I lost my mind
And I don't know who visits me
Where I have been confined

I used to be a welfare mom
A junkie and a hooker
My child had no food to eat
So someone came and took her

But now I have a decent job
And life is very good
I got my little daughter back
And also left the hood

By, Randee Saber 4/20/08