Monday, February 11, 2008

Fear of Flying

Do you remember when we could legally give or sell our airline tickets to anyone and the airlines didn't care? Now we have the Transportation Safety Administration making sure the name on our ticket matches our photo ID.

Do you remember when we didn’t have to put our coats, shoes and carry-on items on a conveyor belt to get x-rayed? Now we have to check normal size toiletries with our luggage, however, knitting needles are still allowed on-board.

Do you remember when we didn’t have to walk through a metal detector without any footwear? Now we get to walk on ice cold floors.

Do you remember when they asked if we packed our own suitcase, if it's been with us the whole time, and if we were asked to carry someone else's stuff. Now they publicly humilitate whoever they want by waving a wand up and down our bodies if we pose a threat.

Do you remember when we could easily walk from one terminal to the next to check out their stores and restaurants. Now we have to remain in our own area.

Do you remember when we could drop someone off at their departure gate and meet them at their arrival gate? Now we have emotional family reunions in baggage claim.

Do you remember when we could lock our suitcases to prevent theft from other passengers? Now we have people rummaging through our luggage with a note stating “This suitcase has been searched."

Do you remember when hijacked airplanes landed on runways and most hostages were released unharmed? Now there aren't any hostages because hijacked planes are flown into buildings.

Do you remember when our only fear was just the fear of flying?

By, Randee Saber 2/11/08