Friday, December 28, 2007

Hold that tiger

A Siberian tiger jumped the concrete wall at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day, Tues., Dec. 25, 2007. Three young men planned to remain at the zoo after it closed for the day, which is when the attack occurred. One young man died and the other two,who are brothers,were mauled by the tiger but survived. The tiger was shot and killed by police during the rescue.
Roy Horn from the famous Siegfried and Roy wild animal and illusion show was mauled by his white tiger, Montecore,on October 3, 2003. They were performing their live tiger act on stage when Roy was attacked. It occurred at the MGM Mirage Hotel on Roy's birthday. No one knows what caused the tiger to attack Roy. Siegfried Fischbaker and Roy Horn had performed together on the Las Vegas strip for nearly 30 years. Roy Horn is still recoverning from the attack and Montecore is still alive at the zoo which is part of The Mirage Hotel. The show is permanently closed.

Why are tigers
Confined in a zoo
They can’t escape
What can they do

A spacious place
For them to roam
But in the wild
Is their true home

The zoo had closed
Yet three remained
Why they stayed
Wasn’t explained

After a while
A fight ensued
Perhaps the boys
Caused this feud

A boy was killed
The others mauled
Now the public
Is appalled

A wall too low
The tiger leapt
Was he provoked
While he slept

A famous show
Siegfried and Roy
Lions and tigers
Thousands enjoyed

Performing in Vegas
Their tigers amazed
Inside their home
Tigers were raised

Then one night
Roy was attacked
While on stage
His tiger cracked

The tiger was loose
There wasn't a wall
Did everyone think
A tiger won't maul

Don't tease a tiger
Or make him your pet
He may do something
You'll surely regret

By, Randee Saber 12/28/07