Thursday, June 14, 2007

No new religious heroes

They say that most religions
Began in ancient times
And those who did not follow
They said committed crimes

And thousands of years later
Religions that we choose
Nothing new has happened
So now I am confused

And why has nothing happened
In our modern world today
No new religious heroes
To whom we all can pray

Moses was a hero
He parted the Red Sea
Brought us the Commandments
Yes, quite a man was he

Jesus’ mother Mary
In a manger she gave birth
Saying he’s the son of God
Whose life will have much worth

And without a doubt
To Jesus they will pray
This old religious hero
Exists in modern day

The Jews continue waiting
For when he will appear
They'll wait for their Messiah
If it takes 1,000 years

Let's write another Bible
That talks about the present
The new religious heroes
And who they represent

I don't think I'm alone
That I am not unique
To question our religions
Some answers I still seek

By Randee Saber5/27/06