Sunday, December 13, 2015

Assisted Living - Waiting to Die

Beautiful artwork
Adorning the walls
And nice furniture
Along the halls

With so many rooms
And most are filled
It isn’t a palace
The guests are billed

It's costly to get
A room that is large
But a smaller room
Will be less charge

And all who live here
Appear to be old
They once had a home
But now it’s been sold

They lived on their own
For such a long time
But now they’re locked up
Committing no crime

They won’t be alone
When eating a meal
And some of the food
Does have appeal

With games to play
And parties galore
To fill up their time
That's for sure

Each week they'll go
On a shopping spree
And one stop will be
To the Dollar Tree

 New people will come
As the others go
But those unaware
Cause their mind is slow

In this beautiful home
Each day they will wait
Surrounded by others
And aware of their fate

By, Randee Saber  12/13/2015