Friday, August 2, 2013

High School Reunions - Atlantic City High School, class of 1971

I may not desire
To live in the past
But high school for some
Was really a blast

High School sweethearts
The prom King and Queen
The class President
Who was squeaky clean

Sorority girls
How mean they could be
If you got to know them
You would agree

First in our class
Or a football star
The lucky ones
Had their own car

The popular kids
Hung out all the time
This social ladder
Was hard to climb

Both riot and snow days
We got off from school
Police in our building
Prevented a dual

A college degree
Was ours to pursue
Going into the service
Was an option  too

How many students
Would move far away
And how many beach bums
Would never stray

Those high school years
Have long gone away
But high school reunions
Will be here to stay

Randee Saber 7/31/2013

Comment:  My high school days were during Martin Luther King's assassination. These were very turbulent times and there was rioting in our school. The racial divide in Atlantic City High School was quite apparent and as such, there was a lot of tension.  Most of the white students came from middle class families that lived downbeach in Ventnor and Margate. We never had black students in my elementary or Junior High school. Though I was initially afraid of this integration, the majority of whites and blacks did not mingle. Also, there was quite a change from a strict dress code during our first couple of years to wearing jeans our senior year. I met my husband, ACHS class of '65 just six months after I graduated from ACHS in 1971 and we've been married 40 years.