Saturday, May 19, 2012

NW Women’s Book Club     
 by, Randee Saber 5/17/2012

I was called a picture bride                 Honolulu, Alan Brennert
And I certainly was deceived
But after I left my husband
Success I had achieved
A job in New York awaited me          Ellis Island, Kate Kerrington
Leaving Ireland   for a while
I returned to a life of poverty
My husband made it all worthwhile

When he came home from the war    Things a brother knows, 
I knew he was depressed                             Dana Reinhardt
Spending all day in his room                                                                                               
Not wanting to get dressed

A miracle had happened                  Friendship Bread, Darien Gee
Because of friendship bread
My life now has some meaning
My days aren’t filled with dread
When we landed at Ellis Island      The forgotten garden, 
I was a child traveling alone                       Kate Morton
Carrying a little pink suitcase
It’s all that I did own

I moved to Foley Beach               On Foley Beach, Karen White
After my husband died
I bought a little book store
In a town with a lot to hide

After my husband left me              Deep down true, Juliette Fay
I needed to earn some money
Getting a job with my dentist
He soon became my honey

I found a dog that was injured      Finding Jack, Gareth Crocker
In Viet Nam during the war
I nursed him back to health
Jack, my beloved Labrador