Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The telephone

When I was a just little girl
The telephone I used
It had a rotary dial
But I never got confused

The phone was big and heavy
And mounted to the wall
Plus no one ever owned it
That wasn’t done at all

As I was growing up
The phone did change a bit
A slimmer Princess phone
With a center dial that lit

Newer phones had buttons
You only had to touch
This made calling easier
We liked it very much

When AT & T dismantled
You could buy your telephone
No monthly rental charges
Cause it was now your own

The phones were cheaply made
And very hard to hear
The people on the other end
Their voices weren’t clear

When you were disconnected
No long cords did you need
That’s because the cordless phone
Gave you privacy indeed

Phones became programmable
No using a telephone book
Just scroll down to their name
So easily you can look

The pager you once carried
Would alert you to a call
But when the cell phone came
They were hardly used at all

The cell phone’s very useful
But no one wants to hear
Your entire conversation
That you’ll say loud and clear

Voice mail came along
And now some lady’s voice
With numerous menu options
The operators’ not a choice

Solicitors are annoying
And frequently they’ll call
But the cell phone’s really handy
To find my spouse in the mall

By, Randee Saber 4/23/06